Chuck E Cheese Gift Card Deal

Who says Gift Card Deals are only for Parents?  I know we will have to fill some time between New Years and School starting back up.  It is that dull time of year when all Christmas activities are over and the weather will probably not cooperate.  This is a great time to use up those gift cards and why not head to Chuck E Cheese for a quick break.  Might as well stuff their stockings now with Chuck E Cheese Gift Cards.

Image 13

Chuck E Cheese Gift Card Deal is as follows, buy $25 in gift cards at participating Chuck E. Cheese’s locations, you’ll get 200 free tickets great for stuffing in stockings!


The kids can get some energy out, you can skip dishes for one meal and they get some cheesy toy to mess with for a few hours when they get home.  Sounds like an amazing deal and great gift idea to me!!  Be sure to call your local Chuck E Cheese first to see if they are participating in this offer.


What do you think of their new mouse??

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