Daris Howard Children and Family Books

Books are a great idea for the holidays, especially for kids who are out of school and need some extra incentive to continue reading.  The following books by author Daris Howard are all family friendly and can be enjoyed by all family members.

So grab one of these books, a nice warm fire, your family and a cup of cocoa for a great family bonding time.

Here is a little more about the books and some reviews. 

Super Cowboy Rides From The Back Cover: Meet six-year-old Tommy Johnson, Super Cowboy and Super Story-teller. Want to build a box to capture wild cats that roam the farm? How about tips on catching a greased pig at the fair, or teaching a stubborn lamb to avoid being trampled by angry milk cows? From the first paragraph, when Tommy explains why a boy needs a dog for a pet instead of a cat, he wins us over with his down-to-earth and humorous view of the world. Once Tommy begins school, however, things get complicated. He gets picked on by teachers and mocked by classmates. And then tragedy strikes. In the process of dealing with his grief, Tommy learns the meaning of true friendship.

I have started this book with my own family as a read aloud even though they could read it themselves.  It is just a great wholesome book and it makes me giggle at times too. 

 The Three Gifts

 This Christmas book is about three young men who are convicted of mugging little children for their Halloween candy. Instead of sentencing them to jail as is expected the judge sentences them to 100 hours babysitting at the Women’s Crisis center. They were prepared for jail but they were not prepared for what lies in store for them as the children become part of their lives. Another read aloud book or the older child.  

Life’s Outakes, a short story books.  My favorite type of story during the hectic holiday season.  Daris has written several of these Outtake books, each have 52 stories in them that are around 700 words and can each be read in only a few minutes.  My husband kept asking me what was so funny.  Some of the stories are fictional but mainly based on himself or people he has run into that year.

Daris is no stranger to children, he and his wife had 10 children.   His plays have won many awards including the National Theatre Co-op Award, the Deseret Dramatic Award, semifinalist in the Moondance Film and Theatre Festival, and his book, The Three Gifts, has won the Editor’s Choice Award.To find more information about Daris Howard and his books you can find him at his website Daris Howard.com or buy his books on Amazon.

Daris Howard is generously giving away each of these books to one of my readers.  I will be giving these away as part of a larger prize pack this month.

1) Super Cowboy Rides

2) The Three Gifts

3) When The World Goes Crazy (Life’s Outtakes Year 1)