As part of my partnership with GE, I received coupons for my GE light bulbs.  All opinions posted about my GE Lighting experience are my own.

There are obvious ways to save money in your home like cutting cable bills, and using coupons but we are always looking for another way to save money that are not so obvious. This month we are taking the GE energy smart® Challenge.  Although we already have most of our light bulb are high energy we are looking around the house and and switching out all light bulbs for the GE energy Smart® bulbs. It is important not only to save on your utility bills but the environment as well.   We are going to also donate these light bulbs to those in worse financial means this holiday season to so they can save on energy bills over time.  

Before hitting Walmart I checked out the sales paper for any deals on GE Energy Saving Light bulbs.  Unfortunately most of the emphasis right now in the sales flyers is Christmas toys.

I was able to find the aisle at the back of the store dedicated to lighting.  I approached for the opposite way but found the large display of GE light bulbs they have in stock closer to the main aisle of the store.

Here are the Energy Smart variety that come in all different wattages to serve your needs.  So why are we shopping for GE Energy Saving Light bulbs anyway?

To see how just how a high efficiency lighting from GE works check out GE’s Energy Savings Calculator. You will be amazed how this simple change can add up through out the year.  No budgeting needed.

Learn about the GE Lighting Champions for Kids program, energy saving light bulbs and how to donate light bulbs.

As part of the Champion for Kids by GE they are offering the following incentives that anyone can do to help out the environment and educate the youngest generations about saving energy.

See how you can participate in the Simple Service Project as well.  You can also follow Champions4Kids on Twitter    and Facebook

Meanwhile check out the Lorax GE Commercial.

For our donation our family has adopted a family from our church and outside of food and toys they also want Misc. staples. I know donating light bulbs does not sounds like an exciting gift but it will save them money in the long run. We decided on this charity because the kids can come help purchase items on the list so they can feel apart of this. You read more about this in my second post.

“I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias Champions for Kids and GE Lighting #CBias #SocialFabric”