Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts–DIY for the kids

 I have been so busy with Teacher Appreciation gifts this past weekend that I have not done anything for Mother’s Day.  Good thing our parents are out of town so little crafts are not necessary as they probably would not mail well.

Since I will not be doing much this week I thought I would share some things I wish I could have done found around blog land.  Hoping you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and if you are a mother, you are able to get some R & R this Sunday and maybe some runny eggs and toast in bed:)

Don’t forget about these 4 Ingredient Pastries that most kids can make with a little supervision.

Similar to an idea I had for Father’s Day Movie Night a few years ago but love the idea of Smores Popcorn.

Source: marthastewart.com on Pinterest

If my kids were smaller I would have loved making this:

For the wine lover mother: a Cork Monogram or Wreath

Another great use of old photos:

What would you love to give or receive this Mother’s Day?


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    Those are all so cute. I did the butterfly footprint w/my four year old last year because she loves them and we framed it and hung it in her room. It is super cute. I would love to get any of these cute thoughtful gifts!

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    I hear you on teacher appreciation and Mother’s day so close together. I love modge podge photo pots, my mom would love one with her grand babies. I am seriously doing that!