WineCork Wreath

Wow after coming off a girls weekend it sure is hard to get back into blogsphere.  My husband did a great job, but there of course are things to catch up on, including sleep!  Fortunately I found this post in my drafts that I am not quite sure why I never finished…Lucky me.

After a few years of collecting wine corks and my hurricane filled to the top, I thought it was time to do a major craft.

I did some searching on line for cork wreaths and soon realized I really did not have enough for the size I wanted.  So I improvised a few tutorials and came up with this one.

What you will need:
Hay wreath, size depends on how big you want the wreath
Push Pins
Glue gun
corks, corks corks
Ribbon for hanging

Here are a few of the website directions I used to make this one.
I used this one to start filling in the inside of the wreath.  Uses up fewer corks and fills it in nicely.

This one for the directions of sticking the corks out.

CTH wreath

Here is a closer look at the wreath.

This project cleared me out of corks.  It is best not to use the plastic ones as they are hard to add the pins as well as changes the look slightly. I did use a few for the interior circle as you really can not see them.
 You will have hay all over your work space!!  It was really easy to sit and do while watching tv.  I just worked like an assembly line preparing the corks then adding them to the wreath.  My kids even helped out.
I was pleased with the results, very easy  and happy to refill my  cork container again!