WondaWedge and BookWedge Reviews

Today’s Holiday Gift Guide Item is the The WondaWedge.  A Wondawhat?  I know I had not heard of this either but pretty excited to have the introduction. The WondaWedge is an inflatable indoor/outdoor lounger and back support pillow.

We recommend using an air pump to inflate this item as there is a lot to blow.  The back support is the only part to inflate but we just found it faster this way.

 My daughter enjoyed lounging in her room, which is totally messy, hope she is embarrassed when she sees this!!   You really don’t need the extra fabric for indoor use but i can see how it would be nice to sit on at the beach.  If full of sand, just hose it off.  (allow to try before deflating it please) Once you inflate it you can collapse it again and again.

Our gift list would be immediately geared toward the tween for a back support while reading or gaming but there are many other recipients of this product. For the outdoorsy person think camping, RVs, outdoor concerts, beach lounging, fishing, boating etc. and for the one on your guest list that is more of a homebody, think reading pillow, back support pillow for chronically ill or recuperation, pregnancy pillow for birthing classes, rest or breastfeeding back support, etc.)  It is not recommended for families with crazy 9 year olds.  Since I wrote this post initially my son has done something to make the WondaWedge pop at the seams.  YEs it is inflatable so this is a con. 

It also comes in 6 different colors so you can get more than one for your TV room.  Now it is time to purchase the WondaWedge, check out a Retailer Near You.  

Our next product from Cypress Creek Marketing is the The BookWedge .  The Book wedge is a brand new inflatable product designed to hold books, iPads/tablets and e-readers. No other book pillows are inflatable, thus, the BookWedge is lighter weight and packs for travel – others don’t offer that benefit.

 The PR contact suggested gift recipients are a little different than our household: “The BookWedge is also a daily living aid for people with chronic illness and disabilities (arthritis, stroke victims, Parkinson’s, Lou Gherig’s, MS).
Great for holding textbooks, cookbooks, or heavy hard cover books. It’s a thoughtful gift for an older person.”

 As you can see magazines are held easily.  My older son, picture above, had a hard time keeping his book on there.  If you don’t already have a holder for your IPad that sits it upright, this is a good alternative, and you can pack it easily in your bag.

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Makes a great corporate gift too: Can be custom imprinted on the bumper in quantities of 100 or more. Check them out the Book Wedge  for retailers and other comments.

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I received both of these products to review and was not given any other compensation.  All the opinions expressed were my own.