How to make a Duck Tape Easter Wreath

This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine. If you have been following Close to Home for a while you have seen how I have used Duck Tape for the holidays.  I especially love my Halloween decorations using Duck Tape®.   Easter is no exception for the  creative bug to come out and make a festive Duck Tape® Easter Wreath. My Daughter and her friend joined me to creative this Easter Craft.

Duck Tape Easter wreath tutorial This Spring, Duck Tape® has come out with some new colors, including these fun glitter ones. We did find that the glitter variety was  not as sticky as the original tape. Actually the center ribbon and a few eggs peeled that we used the glitter variety peeled off.

Easter wreath

What you need to create a similar Duck Tape Easter Wreath:

  • Straw form wreath
  • Duck Tape® – wide and skinny sizes in any color combination find Duck Tape here
  • Plastic Easter eggs (50 depending on wreath form size) We used $1 store ones.
  • Glue gun (just be careful it will shrink duck tape)
  • String to make wreath holder
  1. Easter wreath

To make this Duck Tape® Easter Wreath you will first need to wrap the straw wreath form with duck tape. You can see how you do this on a ribbon wreath.


Using the thin duck tape make different designs on the eggs. You can make strips, cut out squares whatever your creativity takes you. We also kept some plastic eggs unaltered.


Next make you your Duck Tape® ribbon. My daughter’s friend combined many different colors and adhered the strips to plastic wrap for easier handling.

Duck Tape Easter wreath tutorial Twist it onto the bottom of the wreath and use duck tape to secure. Also add a string around the wreath for a hanger.


Use a glue gun to secure eggs and ribbon to the wreath. We tried using double side Duck Tape®but by the second day these eggs were already slipping Duck Tape Easter wreath tutorial

Hang this Duck Tape Easter wreath tutorial on your door and enjoy.

Duck Tape Easter wreath tutorial

A great waterproof Easter Wreath that can be customized with all the different colors available from Duck Tape® Brand.

What Spring Projects do you think you will make using Duck Tape®?


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  1. thanks Bonnie, I can t wait to see what you come up with

  2. Fun and something the children can help with so it’s a winning idea for our family.

  3. What a fun diy for Easter! Who knew duct tape could be this fun!! lol

  4. That’s really cute! People are doing such creative things with Duck Tape.

  5. That is a great thing to do with duck tape. Yes head to your local Michael’s or ac moore store they have a ton of different patterns

  6. This is so adorable and it looks fun to make. I did not realize that Duck tape came in such patterns and colors. I would love to decorate cans into kitchen utensil holders 🙂

  7. This tape tape wreath is beautiful. I really like this, will try in the near future.

  8. thanks Jeanette I was just the supervisior for the most part of this easter craft

  9. That is really cute!

  10. How cute!!! I’ll have to see if my son wants to make one of these…well, if he has any leftovers after making the wallets and his backpack!! :p Pinned & Tweeted this one!

  11. So adorable!! :o)