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Back to school is bittersweet in our home. I enjoy having the freedom to plan our days or go on an excursion but entertaining the kids 24/7 can be tiresome and they need some structure. I know personally it was challenging to maintain my blog and keep the kids busy and from fighting.

back to school

Although I feel a sense of excitement when that bus will be showing up in a few weeks to whisk my kids off to school for 7 1/2 hours, this also means I am packing 3 lunches each evening. Last year I came up with a system to get the kids involved in their lunch making. They are old enough now and have opinions about what they eat. Plus it kills me when full sandwiches come home. I would be in charge of making the sandwiches, I would give the kids 2 choices, and then each child was in charge of filling in the rest. (they had to have a fruit, a drink, and a dairy item, dessert was allowed 2 x a week) It seemed to work out well.

Check out SoFab Back to School issue to learn: 5 Basics for the Lunch Box – talk to your kids about options for the lunch box. Social Fabric members were surveyed and the top kid picks for sandwich and healthy snack are revealed in the Live SoFab Back To School issue.


Around earth day I blogged about an earthy friendly product for making less waste for your lunch I want to share some must haves from QVC that will make lunches simpler but also earth friendly.

perfect sandwich

My husband was the first to try the Perfect Sandwich by Contain this. It is the perfect way to avoid a soggy sandwich. While large in size it proved to be an amazing product. It has an insert that you place in freezer before each use. It opens up into different compartments for your bread and then you cold items such as meats, cheeses and veggies. My husband likes mustard on his sandwiches so we added that to the bread before packing it. Everything but the cooler insert can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher!

wrap mat

For the kids, I love using sandwich wraps that turn into place mates. I know my kids would place their sandwiches right on the lunch tables, GROSS. WIth the Wrap and Mat the kids open their sandwiches and then there is a mat right there. Love Love these. If they are not too dirty you can easily wipe off the plastic coating or clean them in your washing machine. They last forever and you are saving on plastic bags and gross germs! Set of 4 Wrap-N-Mat Food Storage Pouches unfortunately come in one style per package.
QVC Item #K39155 Approximately $21.75

Another fun item to get ready for school and lunches are the Lock & Lock Six-Piece 17 oz. Tumbler Storage SetQVC Item #K37198 Approximately $17.00. These are great for drinks, I tested these with water and shook it up pretty good with no leakage. These would also be great for items like pasta salads and gazpachos. Each child can have their own color and why not decorate them with paint pens or stickers? GIve one to each teacher with some candy or school supplies. They do have a rim on the top which makes drinking from them a little awkward.

back to school

Every one needs a fashionable way to carry their laptop. Hello Kitty fans will surely adore this lap top case that also comes in a back pack version. This laptop case is not bulky but still has the storage for power cords and a few files. If you child needs a laptop for school you can feel secure they will be getting back and forth in a padded and fashionable tote!


back to school


What are your back to school must haves? Check out QVC for these times as well as many other back to school deals.


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  1. yes my husband has declared the sandwich box for himself and brown bagging it to work

  2. Wow! That perfect sandwich box is awesome!! Soggy sandwiches are the #1 reason why I don’t eat sandwiches!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I LOVE the placemat sandwich wraps! How clever! My daughter is a huge Hello Kitty fan so I know she would love that bag.

  4. Oh that sandwich box would be great for my hubby as well as the kid! lol THX for sharing!! Oh and how cute is that HK bag!!

  5. I know a great lunch bag is a must–I also love printing out some of the sweet notes you can put in too—-great pick me up for the kids during their busy school day =D

  6. Oh my goodness! I love Hello Kitty! I got hooked on it in Jr. high and still love Hello Kitty. So cute!

  7. I do not have to worry about back to school (have no kids)-but a lot of what is designated by companies as back to school items really would work very well for brown bagging it to work!