Bath Time Tips for Dogs

This is a sponsored post about bath time tips for dogs written by me on behalf of Sterling. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bathing our dog when she was a puppy was not big deal. You could lift her up in the kitchen sink and bathing was done. Now that she is a 70 lb dog, those days are over. I still envy those little dogs bath time routines. We chose this breed, so now we have to deal with bathing her. As much as I would like to be able to bring her to a groomer or self serve dog wash, it is more economical to do it at home. Here are some  bath time tips for bathing your dog. 


  1. Be sure to walk or exercise your dog before bath time so their energy is slightly down. 
  2. Get the right shampoo. Shampoo designed for people — even baby shampoo — has a different pH than what’s best for your dog. 
  3.  Stop the tears and wet ears. Be weary of getting their ears too wet, especially with breads with floppy ears can easily get infected. 
  4. Brush your dog. Brushing before a bath helps the shampoo get into the coat and works out mats before they get set in by the water. Trust me this is a must. 
  5. Stock your station. It’s frustrating to start bathing a dog only to realize the shampoo or towels are on the other side of the room. 
  6. Be sure to put a towel at the bottom of the tub for traction and at least two more to dry off your pup. 
  7. Block the drain. Put a piece of steel wool in the drain to catch the dog hair and prevent it from plugging your drain.
  8. Go warm on the water. Fill the tub or sink with water before you bring in your dog. 
  9. Use a leash to keep your pup in the tub.


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What are some bath time tips for bathing your dog? 

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  1. glad to help and make those bath time moments easier on everyone!

  2. I feel like such a fool! “Be sure to put a towel at the bottom of the tub for traction”; this is obvious I did not think of it and poor Mike as been slipping and sliding around in the tub. Bad mommy, thanks!

  3. Great tips, our buddy does not like baths but some of these tips may make it a little easier!

  4. A dog or a baby, you’re sure right. If the supplies aren’t near by, it’s a royal pain. You’ve got a good list here.

  5. Great tips. When out dog was a puppy we bathed her. She hated every minute of it. We hated every minute of it. For whatever reason – she does not like water except on her terms like putting her feet in the river. She won’t even go out in the rain. Now we take her to the groomers.

  6. Bathtime seems overwhelming to me for an animal. I only have cats, but I tried one time to bathe her and forget it.

  7. I have cats so no pet bath time but I’ve herd some great bath stories from dog owners.

  8. Haha…some of out best family laughing fits have been while trying to bathe our dogs! You definitely need to have a lot of towels around. 🙂

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