Candy Corn Shaped Rice Treats


It is past Oct 2nd, my oldest birthday, so officially I can get into Halloween. Any sooner and I am ready to tear down the decorations.

I recently saw a blog post that linked the most adorable Candy Corn shaped Rice krispie treats. When I went back and tried to google it I could not find it. I was basically trying to find out how to make them so I could also share them with my readers. The picture only showed the final product not the method. If you are the genius behind these please let me know so I can give you credit and prefect my method.

So after about 20 minutes looking through google to find these treats I decided to try my own way.

Basically make a your traditional recipe for Rice Krispie Treats through the melting of the marshmallows and butter. Working quickly divide into 3 bowls. Descending amounts.


Die the largest bowl with Yellow food coloring, medium bowl with Orange and keep the white.

Add the cereal. I guess if you wanted a large quantity you could just make three full recipes.


Spray a 9×3 baking pan with cooking spray and begin layering the different colored mixtures, starting with the Orange.
(next time I think I will try adding them vertically)

Allow to cool completely. Take out the log and start slicing first into rectangles and then into triangles. This method caused opposite candy corns but I think they are still cute.

The kids liked them either way!!


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