Dollar Store Mardi Gras Wreath

I am hosting a Mardi Gras House Party sponsored by Zatarains for my husband’s birthday next weekend. I was trying to come up with some inexpensive decorations, since this is our first Mardi Gras party I have hosted. Sure we have gotten a King Cake but never hosted a party.

 I went to the Dollar Store and found some inexpensive items to create a mood for the guests. I already had this 12 inch styrofoam wreath. I purchased 2 Mardi Gras tinsel like garlands and some masks.

They also had some great feather masks I purchased as extra decoration.

For the wreath, just simply wrap the garland around the foam frame.

 I hot glued a skewer to the back of the mask and stuck it into the base. You could also add beads for more dimension. Inexpensive and does the trick.

I had the kids decorate a few extra masks with items we had at home. I sent some out to the guests to bring back to the party decorated.

I am now looking at some recipes, any suggestions?? I tried making a King Cake I will post tomorrow, not sure I will attempt that again for the party!

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