Dollar Store Mardi Gras Wreath

I am hosting a Mardi Gras House Party sponsored by Zatarains for my husband’s birthday next weekend. I was trying to come up with some inexpensive decorations, since this is our first Mardi Gras party I have hosted. Sure we have gotten a King Cake but never hosted a party.

 I went to the Dollar Store and found some inexpensive items to create a mood for the guests. I already had this 12 inch styrofoam wreath. I purchased 2 Mardi Gras tinsel like garlands and some masks.

They also had some great feather masks I purchased as extra decoration.

For the wreath, just simply wrap the garland around the foam frame.

 I hot glued a skewer to the back of the mask and stuck it into the base. You could also add beads for more dimension. Inexpensive and does the trick.

I had the kids decorate a few extra masks with items we had at home. I sent some out to the guests to bring back to the party decorated.

I am now looking at some recipes, any suggestions?? I tried making a King Cake I will post tomorrow, not sure I will attempt that again for the party!


  1. Cute idea for the wreath. I love themes parties! I hope he has a great birthday.

  2. I love this idea!! They look great too

  3. ah, sorry about that, my comment went to fast.

    House parties are fun. Good loot for sure. The wreath is great! I might have to go to DT on Monday to gather up some Mardi Gras fun. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Looks great! I have never celebrated Mardi Gras. How fun!

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