Easy Side Dishes for Busy Nights

Easy Side Dishes for Busy Nights
The information and prize pack about Easy Side Dishes have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to meals? Having chicken 3 times a week does not have to sound as bad if you mix up your side dishes. Don’t worry the new Suddenly Salads will not only provide your family with whole grains but allow you to add fresh mix ins that will change the flavor each time.


We were provided with 3 different Suddenly Grains Salad varieties. Southwest Grains, Tuscan Grains and Harvest Grains, now which one to try first…

Suddenly Salad Grains

One of the things I really like about these convenient side dish choices is at you can either prepare it while you are making the main dish and serve the salad warm. Or you can make the salad earlier in the day and serve a cold grain salad for dinner.

Each box comes with a grain pack, a mix in pack and a dressing pack. I love that you just boil the grain bag and then add any additions you are in the mood for, or really have on hand.

You might even throw in some leftover chicken or steak and have a great entree salad. The options are endless based on what you decide to add to the salads. Not feeling creative,  you can serve these suddenly salads without any extra ingredients for an easy and flavorful side dish.

We went with adding some fresh tomatoes and zucchini I happened to find in my garden. 


Doesn’t the idea of a semi-homemade easy side dish get you excited. You are serving your family grains they would not eat alone and you can add all the fresh veggies too. I think Suddenly Grain Salads are a win win for any kitchen.


Which Suddenly Grains Salad Side Dish would you want to try first?


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