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If you are like me, I always wait until the last minutes to buy greeting cards for family members, often forgetting until after I have already spoken to them. I am not sure why it is not a priority but it really is nice when I receive a greeting card from a friend or relative that says hey, I remembered you today. Facebook sort of took away the personal touch. Don’t mistake me, I love getting messages all day on Facebook but getting a personalized greeting cards is very special.
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Thanks to, a personalized greeting cards store site and  send my mother an amazing card without leaving my house nor heading to the post office. has several different occasions to choose from as many themes within those occasions. Some of them can be personalized with your own photos but all can be personalized with your own text and color choices.

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I found the site to be very easy to manuever around and in the same time it would take me to drive to the store, look through all the cards, most I don’t care for, head back home to get a stamp and wait for the mail man, easily got this personalized card sent directly for me.

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You have the choice of having the card send directly to the recipient or you can have it sent to you if you need to add it to a gift or want to give it personally. Since mom is 600 miles away and I was already on the edge of it being late, I went ahead and clicked on buy stamp!

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I was a little worried it would not get there on time, but the morning of her birthday she called in excitement about the card and said it was a very nice paper weight and the text was very clear. Phew pulled that off thanks to

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This may just be a new trend for me? $3.49 for a personalized greeting card sent directly is a great deal! They also carry baby announcements, Christmas Cards, party invites you name it.

They also have an awards program if you plan on using their services frequently.


Do you still send paper personalized greeting cards to people?

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