Four Misconceptions about Baby Bath Products

Four  Misconceptions about Baby Bath Products

I’ve partnered with JOHNSON’S® to provide you with answers on Four Misconceptions about Baby Bath Products.

We recently posted How to Choose the Right Bath Products and since then I attended an event sponsored by JOHNSON’S to further discuss their five-step safety process.   In a room with many new young moms, I realized when my kids were babies, the youngest is 11, there were not that many baby bath products to choose from. As a mom in the early 2000’s, I relied on the reputation of JOHNSON’S when choosing our bath products. In our home, we used JOHNSON’S Head to Toe formula and my three children never had any skin issues.

Five Misconceptions about Baby Bath Products 1

Four Misconceptions about Baby Bath Products

Five Misconceptions about Baby Bath Products 1

  1. All ingredients in baby products are safe. Johnson’s sources raw materials very carefully. Just because a distributor says their ingredient is safe, does not mean it meets their quality and safety standards of Johnson’s. Before buying a product make sure there is quality control of the ingredients on both the vendor and manufacturer sides. 
  2. The “All Natural” label must mean it’s good for my baby. Just because a baby product says all natural, does not mean the ingredients have been tested safe for use on babies. Johnson’s will not use an ingredient unless there is sufficient proof the ingredient is safe for a baby. People often say, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient don’t eat it. That is not the case with baby products. Johnson’s owns the most research on safe raw ingredients in the industry and does not wait for an ingredient to be proven unsafe before taking it out of a product, it will never be in their products. 
  3. It says Baby Shampoo, must be Safe.  Not all baby products are made to meet the correct PH for your child. If the PH of a baby skin product is off, this will cause tearing and affect their skin. Johnson’s Baby products all have to meet the correct PH level of babies. The formulas are constantly tested in labs for issues with skin and eyes with a team of scientists, pediatricians, dermatologists, nurses, ophthalmologists, and fragrance experts. Johnson’s Formula development and testing usually lasts from 1-3 years, and in some cases even longer.
  4.  Big Manufacturers don’t care about my opinion on their products.    You might be ignored at some baby product manufacturers but Johnson’s is constantly watching for new information for their consumers. Whether it is on social media, thru their customer service department. They have the team to get answers for you and will make the necessary changes overtime to make sure the products are safe for you and your family.

Five Misconceptions about Baby Bath Products 1

Meet my Johnson’s Baby Kids. From the day we left the hospital with that free sample of Johnson’s Baby Wash, until they complained I was still using baby shampoo on them, Johnson’s has been a staple in our home. As I mentioned in my last post, I still use Johnson’s products for myself.

Five Misconceptions about Baby Bath Products 1

Have you learned anything from these Five Misconceptions about Baby Bath Products? What is most important to you? 


  1. These are all great thoughts! It’s so important to buy from a brand that you trust! Especially when it’s for your baby!

  2. I’ve used Johnson and Johnson products with both my kids. My son still uses this shampoo because it’s the only one that won’t sting his eyes.

  3. In reality all babies skin is sensitive, some just have bad reactions to different product ingredients.

  4. I need to start cleaning my make up brushes… Will have to try this

  5. I’ve always said that “all natural” doesn’t mean “all safe”. So many ‘natural’ things are toxic!

  6. I read every product label and try to only use those with the best ingredients. There are so many options these days though, and it can be overwhelming.

  7. We all love a baby bathed in Johnson and Johnson head to toe! I had very sensitive kids and learned quickly which products were perfect for them!

  8. I have to say I still use Johnson’s baby shampoo when I travel. It is so multi purpose – I use it for make up brushes/sponges, lingerie, face wash, just about everything. I use it on the Grandchildren when they come over. I’ve been with Johnson’s since I was a kid.

  9. I started using California Baby after reading up. You can make yourself crazy.

  10. I didn’t learn anything new reading this but I am glad you shared that baby shampoo doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe for baby! My middle had super sensitive skin as a baby and it was difficult to narrow down what would work – not all baby shampoos are created equally!

  11. This is really important information. Some babies can be really sensitive to products.

  12. Wow! That was really helpful to know. It’s nice when companies have their customers’ best interest at heart.

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