GARDEN TIPS: Reseeding your lettuce and Garlic


The hot temps this spring and summer provided little time for my lettuces this year. The arugula flowered within a few weeks even after I would pull the buds off.

Don’t pull them out yet, allow them to get the seed pods, and you will have a new crop started in just a few days. If you don’t like the look of the wirely plants, I cut them off and allowed them to dry in along my garden fencing. I did not even have to do anything,

I have dozens of small plants that may or may not make it through this heat we are having. I also kept some of the pods in a baggie to reseed when the temps get cooler.

Watch out for your basil as well. Take off the flowers and the plants will last longer.

I also noticed my garlic stems where browned and wilted, that means it is time to harvest. Simply pull up the bulb, allow to air dry in the sun a few days, not that long here in 105 degrees. Trim them up and you now have super fresh garlic.

Did you know you could eat the bud of a garlic plant? We were at the farmers market a few weeks ago and I saw a few of the stands selling them. I asked the vendor and she said you just cut off the bud at the Y of the plant. SImply cut and saute it as you would regular garlic. I happened to have one in my garden so I gave it a try. The flavor was not as strong as the clove but what a great way to utilize the entire plant.

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