Health benefits of grass fed beef and free range meat varieties–Guest Post

 This is a guest post from Danielle McMann working with Cannings Free Range Butchers. 

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Free range is usually applied to meat, dairy or egg farming. Free range meat varieties usually include free range pork, grass-fed beef and lamb, and free range chicken, turkey and duck.

These animals are the most popular types meats that we consume. Consumers are now more aware of the need to make sure that their food is free of containments like hormones. Using free range meat varieties will ensure that your meat is healthier as free range meats are farmed with fewer chemicals, less cruelty and better care.

Traditional farming practices such as those exposed by Jonathan Safran Foer ‘s book, Eating Animals, are showing us that the time has come to think about the food we consume. Free range means that for no time has the animal been confined to a cage, pen, stall, crate or feed lot. Free range farming provides a more natural environment, producing leaner and tastier meat. Studies show that grass-fed beef is naturally more leaner and healthier than grain-fed, or traditionally farmed beef. When animals are able to express their natural behaviour in their natural environment, foraging on the land, uncaged or untethered, their diet is actually more in harmony with human’s natural physiology. It is important to know where your meat is coming from so do some research to make sure you are purchasing free range meats. There are many butchers who now sell and also advocate for consumers to choose ethically farmed meats, like Cannings Free Range Butchers. Cannings are one meat cleaving business showing us how eating meat can be both an ethical, and healthy, choice.

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Do you pay attention to meat that are Free Range? Do you think it is better for you? 

This is a guest post.

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  1. I try to buy free range and non hormone induced meat. We have our own chickens now. Only a few more weeks & I’ll be eating fresh eggs!

  2. I do wish it was easier to get Free Range – where I live, the shipping cost is huge and we can’t afford it and stores just don’t have it. 🙁