How to Choose the Right Bath Products For Babies

How to Choose the Right Bath Products For Babies

I’ve partnered with JOHNSON’S® to provide you with answers on How to Choose the Right Bath Products For Babies.

My youngest baby is 11 years old but when my kids were infants there was more information about what we were putting in our babies mouths than on their bodies. Today, there is a lot more information available to help us make educated decisions on the products we’re purchasing for our baby’s bath time. Let’s face it, your baby is sitting in a bath of bubbles for several minutes a day, don’t you want to be sure the products you are using are safe?

 How to Choose the Right Bath Products For Babies


How to Choose the Right Bath Products For Babies

JOHNSON’S® who would like to help empower my readers to understand what’s in a baby product and encourage you to decide for yourself which Baby products are right for you and your babies. Here are some main concerns I want to help you get answers for:

Baby Skin – Is it Different?
Looking at my aging skin versus my adorable model, makes you wonder just how is Baby Skin different from an adult? Why should we use baby specific bath products instead of the products we use on ourselves?
Watch this quick segment to understand it better!

 How to Choose the Right Bath Products For Babies

Product Safety
Just because a product has the wording baby, does that mean it is safe to use on our precious babies? JOHNSON’S® makes it easy for mom and dad to do their research. They use International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients to describe each ingredient on their labels.
Be sure to check out  JOHNSON’S®  Behind the Label page on their website to clearly explain all the ingredients they use and their purpose in the formula of the product you are considering.


Natural vs. Non-Natural Ingredients
There is so much talk about organic all natural products that we eat, what about what we put on our bodies. JOHNSON’S® holds both natural and non-natural ingredients to the same standard. Babies skin is so sensitive, so it’s a priority to know if the product we are purchasing is safe for our young children.

How to Choose the Right Bath Products For Babies

Parents, including myself, should feel comfortable about the JOHNSON’S® products they use. There is a variety of  JOHNSON’S® products on the market to meet the needs of your older kids too, like this detangler for curly hair.
   JOHNSON’S® is committed to making safe, mild and gentle, non-irritating, and appropriate for babies as part of its Safety and Care Commitment.  

 How to Choose the Right Bath Products For Babies

As a forty-something year-old adult, I still use  JOHNSON’S® products after my shower and often to shave. It is a brand I have trusted since my kids were little, and still use it for myself. My hands can get pretty dry and torn up after a day of gardening or winter weather. Taking care of my skin is a priority for me as well.

Now that you have some answers, do you feel like you have enough information to know How to Choose the Right Bath Products For Babies?




  1. what a great story about your experience with these products.

  2. same here and when my dog was a puppy the vets recommended it as well.

  3. There are so many products on the market that it now boils down to what suits each person

  4. I used to used Johnson’s because I trusted them but then I found out about the class action lawsuit against them and that their products weren’t as clean as I believed they were. I know they have reformulated their products but I have a hard time using them still. I tend to use organic products with Lavender in it.

  5. My grandson has sensitive skin so he had to use some kind of special body wash from birth to 11 months. However, when he turned one year old, the pediatrician said we can start using Johnson’s products. For daytime baths, we use Johnson’s Milk and Oats Top to Toe wash, and for bedtime baths, we use Johnson’s Soothing Lavender Top to Toe Wash. He just loves his baths and we know that Johnson’s formulation is best for his skin and hair!

  6. Sensitive skin babies are definitely a different ballgame! I love this post and how Johnsons has all natural products!

  7. We always used Johnson products when our girls were young. No irritations at all!

  8. I tried more natural shampoos with my babies but both got horrible dandruff. I switched to good old tear-free shampoo and had much better results. I don’t use soap on my babies except occasionally for horrible diaper situations!

  9. No-Tangle shampoo & conditioner is a must for toddlers and little kids, with fine hair but lots of it! It’s definitely important to purchase gentler products for children’s delicate skin.

  10. All natural is always the way to go whenever possible, imo. So many babies are being born with eczema these days. Passing this one along to a new Mom friend of mine…

  11. My son sufferered from eczema so we had to get special bath and skin products for them growing up. With my other children we were able to use J&J products.

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