How To Save Time and Money With Tidy Cats Direct

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If you follow along on our blog for any time now you know that our dog thinks she’s a cat and our cat thinks she’s a dog. Despite these traits, my kids have a hard time keeping up with their chores, especially cleaning out the litter box. Thus I am the one doing this chore always. Well, I think we have a new solution and the kids can’t fuss any more, have you heard of Tidy Cats Direct? 

Tidy Cats Direct litter

If you are like me you already order your pet food to your door, especially the 30 pounds of dog food every other month. Why not get your cat’s disposable all-in-one, one-time-use litter box shipped directly to you too. With this new product cat owners no longer need to scrub and clean the litter box. Each disposable Tidy Cats Direct box contains enough litter to last up to one month for one cat with typical use.

Simply open, scoop as usual and toss the box.

 This is our old litter set up:

Tidy cats direct

We already use Tidy Cat Litter and the Tidy Cats Direct is pre-filled with Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance clumping litter to provide odor control around the clock and light, tight clumps for easy scooping, with the power of TidyLock Protection to lock away urine, fecal and ammonia odors. To learn how to make the litter bag dispenser check it out here.

Our cat lives in our garage so I am ok with the paper box look. If you cat is used to using a covered litter box this might be a problem too. However, this box is higher than the litter box we currently own, so although she still can toss litter out of the box, it is less.

It truly is a brown box that you simply open, but do not tear off the top as this is the way you close it and throw it out too. Once you’ve used up the supply (up to 30 days on average), just fold the top back over (SEE? We told you you’d need it) and toss it out. Easypeasy, cat-toy-squeezey (sorry, Tidy just gets excited about ease). 

Now we are using Tidy Cat Direct Litter Boxes:

Most of us do our shopping on line, so give it a try. Tidy Cats Direct is available for purchase online at (Subscribe & Save-eligible),,,, and, as well as directly from Purina at Order your own Tidy Cats Direct from Amazon!

Tidy Cats direct

Once you’ve used up the supply (up to 30 days on average), just fold the top back over (SEE? We told you you’d need it) and toss it out. Easypeasy, cat-toy-squeezey (sorry, Tidy just gets excited about ease).

So not only do you save money on having this shipped directly to your home, but you have more time by not having to wash out the litter box. Your kids can not complete their chores and not complain about having to clean out the litter box once a month. Enjoy more time with your cat and less time in the litter box!!



  1. That’s an interesting concept. I can see how that would really help cat owners save a ton of money and time too.

  2. Awe, your cat is so cute! We use Tidy Cats, but I didn’t realize the savings we were missing out on by ordering direct.

  3. Okay, this really is a brilliant idea for Tidy Cats! Wow! I’m gonna sign up now for my CoCo. I love the fact that it’s like an entirely new litter box, not just scraping out the old one!

  4. I don’t have a cat but this sounds like a good idea for cat owners. I like that it save time and money.

  5. Now this is an awesome idea! We took in a stray at Easter and now that she’s permanent I will have to look into this!

  6. What an interesting concept. Cat litter in a box, delivery! Who would have thought? Thanks for the information.

  7. I use tidy cats for my 2 fur balls. I didn’t realize they made boxes like this!

  8. This sounds freaking amazing. I am so tired of having to go to the store for cat litter. Hope worlds best will follow suit.

  9. I need to get on a delivery service for my pet turtle. There are a few things we’re buying monthly that I’d prefer to just have delivered.

  10. That’s so awesome that Tidy Cats offers this for cat owners, going to share with my cat owning friends so they can get this. Seems like it would certainly be well worth trying out!

  11. I’ve never had a cat but I can imagine this is a great product for all cat lovers! PS: your dog/cat and cat/dog situation is hilarious 🙂 Must be fun!

  12. My mother in law has cats and she is always running out of kitty litter. This is PERFECT for her!!!

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