Keeping herbs for the winter months

While you are getting your fall garden ready or just feeling the cooler air roll into your area it is now time to think about your herb garden. Don’t let all your hard work keeping your herbs alive go to waste.

Pick that basil and prepare pesto and freeze it at we noted in our Basil post.
Don’t forget to try freezing it in ice cube trays for easy thawing.

You can also do a lot of other things with your herbs besides just picking and using.
Pick off a good size branch of your basil, mint, or rosemary, take off the lower leaves and place in water near a window. Soon you will have roots you can plant in a pot by a sunny window for the winter.
You can also simply chop your herbs and place in a freezer baggie for a quick addition to a stew or sauce. I have found this works great with parsley, basil and cilantro. Just be sure to label them because they do all look the same in the freezer bags!!
These should last a few months in the freezer.
It is also recommended that you change your dried herbs every year or so…Please I have them from when I bought my first herbs on a rotating shelf in 1995. However, I have recently gone through my spice cabinet and thrown out most of those. But do not throw away those good glass jars. Save them for some dried herbs from your garden.
Simply place them out on a paper towel or I used old coffee filters and they will dry out in a few days. You can grind them and place in a jar or I just put take them off the stems and will grind them when I need them. Or just rub them between my fingers to reduce their size. I have recently had success with sage, mint, rosemary and oregano.

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