Kukees Review–Cookies that will blow you away.

Not many people can say no to a made from scratch cookie. Well how about a dozen of cookies packaged in this cute box? The shipping box warns the postman not to shake what they bake…SO cute.

It only gets cuter, check out what happens when you open the ribbon.


I am in love with the packaging, it is like no other cookie packaging I have come across. You don’t just open it from the top but these cute little shelves too.

These cookies are huge and the flavor additions are just bursting from each cookie. This might be the chocolate cherry ones, you can see the cherries and chocolate bursting through the screen.

 So what is in these big gobs of goodness? Nothing. Nothing artificial that is. Here is a blurb directly from their website.

About Kukees

Pronounced “cookies,” our kukees can’t be found in any ordinary jar. A one-of-a-kind decadent treat, lovingly handmade with the most wonderful, purest ingredients shaved, chunked and dipped inside. Then fresh baked into a sinfully delicious delight. You won’t find any preservatives or hydrogenated oils. Just loads of heavenly flavor with three grams of fiber.
In fact, our customers tell us that kukees are confectionary perfection in every bite – like cookie dough, only baked. And they should be perfect considering we’ve been refining our recipe since 1999. In that time, we’ve turned our passion for baking into a growing business with a loyal following of kukee-ionados who appreciate quality as much as we do.

SO HOW DO THEY TASTE? That is the real question right? For $49 a box these make great corporate or foodie gifts. This is THREE POUNDS OF COOKIES I will add.

 The day we received them I could eat the whole box. One cookie is really too big to handle on its own. Each cookie needs its own zipcode they are so big. You could even use a fork to eat them.

  Our family and taste testers used a knife and cute bits off each cookie. (Mainly not to miss any of the flavor combinations)

The consensus was they were a little dry on day 2 or 3. (I had frozen them and then served the following week to a group of eager testers)  They enjoyed the flavor combinations but some are dryer than others. So much packed into each cookie they fall apart. You can really taste the peanut butter in these options so you know what you are getting.

They loved the fact there is nothing artificial in these, just like homemade. It was suggested that they might be individually wrapped to retain the freshness. The website does suggest to consume or freeze within 5 days of receiving the box.

You can see just how much is packed in this broken up cookie. I think I would enjoy the Biti Bites which are smaller and one bite goodness, especially if I wanted to serve them to a group.

So how about you try it out for yourself. The great folks at Kukees is providing one of my readers their choice of Kukee Boxes.  Just in time for the holidays. Keep them for yourself or give them to a very special person.

Fav dozen (1 flavor)

Half & Half (6 each of 2 flavors)
Mix It Up (2 each of 6 original flavors OR 3 each of 4 Holiday flavors)
Biti Bites (6 each of 6 original flavors, mini-sized OR 9 each of 4 Holiday flavors, mini-sized)
For a full description of their flavors check out Kukees.com
 Cant wait for the giveaway to end or just want to buy a few boxes as gifts you can purchase Kukees online. They are also offering a 40% off exclusive code to Facebook fans when they sign up on the Kukees app , which is ongoing and should still be available through the holidays.

Check Kukees out on  Facebook and Twitter too.

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I was given this product to review and conduct a giveaway, I was not given any further compensation. All the opinions are my own and those how tasted them at my home!


  1. The Gingerbread Chocolate

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  3. I would love to try the “Pumpkin White Chocolate” . .thanks for the chance!

    ghalim at yahoo dot com

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  5. I’d like to try the Pumpkin White Chocolate

  6. gingerbread chocolate!

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