Lollipops gone wrong

While I was breezing the internet for easy Halloween treats I found these adorable

lollipops that suggests kids 3 and over can do….Well I thought I would share with you that not all projects go the right way.


                                      This is the picture from the website

I was getting a good start:
Here is My creation.

I guess this happens when you are distracted and are doing more than one thing. In an activity like this is it necessary to watch the oven.
I was also trying to get ahead of myself and create a Christmas Tree version.
Guess I will never know.

At least my 4 year old was excited to show his siblings the mess up when they got home.!
Let me know if you try this out, as it seems simple enough. One question though: where do you find a whole bag of orange lifesavers????

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  1. That is so funny! That’s about what mine would look like, I think =o) Great idea!

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