Mint Oreo Ice Cream Recipe

Well I thought I would challenge myself to making an ice cream a week this month and utilize my ice cream maker and get a break from these unusually high temperatures we are experiencing. For as long as I can remember, Mint Chocolate chip has been my favorite ice cream flavor. I still remember trying a few different flavors when browsing 31 flavors when I was little but usually going back to my tried and true.

I found a great website with great step by steps pictures to make this ice cream which starts with fresh mint. I had some chocolate mint available as well so I had to give it a go. Don’t get discouraged already, tells you how to make it with mint extract!!

I also had some Trader Joe’s jo jos so instead of adding chocolate at the end I added up chopped up oreos….

My kids gave it double thumbs up as their favorite flavor yet. It was a two day process, I did not realize I did not have enough eggs when I started this so I made the  recipe to that point and just kept it in the fridge.

I am really liking my Cuisinart ice cream maker. Any one else have a ice cream maker they adore or any recipes I can try?

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