MuttNation Dog Toys and Giveaway

MuttNation Dog Toys and Giveaway

It was Chloe’s Birthday a few weeks ago and in addition to making her a dog cake, we love to give her quality toys that she will not just tear up. We had to stop giving her stuffed toys as she loved to eat out all the stuffing to find the squeaker. I was thrilled when PetMate offered us to try their brand new Dog Toys line, MuttNation. This dog toys line is definitely original from anything I have seen in the pet stores. I am curious what you think.

Mutt Nation

MuttNation country-chic feel with rock & roll flair, vintage prints and antique hardware. All these are inspirations of Miranda Lambert’s signature style. Most significantly, every purchase helps fund the mutt rescue and adoption programs of MuttNation Foundation™, founded in December 2009 by Miranda Lambert and her mom, Beverly Lambert. MuttNation Foundation is a donation supported 501(c)(3) organization working to find a forever home for every dog. 

Mutt Naiton 3

The comprehensive collection includes bedding, collars, leashes, toys, apparel, accessories, feeding and watering products. Attached please find more information on the MuttNation products.

I really liked the length of the MuttNation Denim Bandana Leashes. This leash was shorter than the ones we have so it’s perfect when we are out in crowds and I want her a little closer. Plus the padded handle is a great feature for the dog walker.
    •    The MuttNation Denim Bandana leash taps into the Americana spirit of country life that is interwoven throughout the MuttNation brand.
    •    Each leash has antique brass hardware and an on-trend country print on the looped handle.
    •    Available in the red bandana print or country chic brown cowhide.
    •    Each leash is adorned by a MuttNation logo patch.
    •    Suitable for small, medium and large size dogs.
    •    MSRP: $21.99 

Mutt Nation 2

Your dog will make music with the extra-large squeaker in the top of the MuttNation Tambourine Faux Suede toys.
    •    These music inspired toys feature the handcrafted, Americana look and feel of faux suede.
    •    Each tambourine has detailed design elements to capture the look of a real tambourine.
    •    The toys are also adorned by the MuttNation logo patch and are available in assorted colors.
    •    Suitable for small, medium and large dogs.
    •    MSRP: $12.99

dog toys with character dog toy giveaway

Chloe won’t be chewing up MuttNation Faux Suede AnimalsThe MuttNation Faux Suede Animals are a collection of playful critters designed to have a country chic, handcrafted look and feel.
    •    Ideal for snuggling, fetching and tugging, each Faux Suede Animal is made from faux suede and rope, and contains a squeaker.
    •    These mixed material animals include a Rooster, Flamingo, Armadillo and Unicorn.
    •    All feature the MuttNation logo patch.
    •    Suitable for a variety of dogs.
    •    MSRP: $12.99 this suede dog toy anytime soon!

In honor of Chloe’s 5th Birthday last month, we want to giveaway a set of toys to one lucky reader too!! Enter to Rafflecopter Below! Good Luck and hope you enjoy these fun themed dog toys as much as we do.

Mutt Nation



  1. I am most excited about the MuttNation Faux Leather Tassel Custom Fit Collar!

  2. This would be so great for my son and daughter-in-laws new border collie puppy named Mia; MuttNation Denim Bandana Leashes.

  3. so cute!!

  4. I love the guitar suede toy.

  5. Love the animal print round bed

  6. i think my pooch would like the Faux Suede Armadillo.

  7. I love the MuttNation Tambourine Faux Suede toy.

  8. All my dogs need collars but they would probably love any of the toys! I think they are going to love the tambourine!

  9. I like the Muttnation rescue dog toy.

  10. I love the MuttNation Rescue Mutt – Delilah…it is the cutest ever!

  11. I really like the Aspen Pet Round Animal Print Bed.

  12. I’m Most Excited About The MuttNation Treat Guitar!

  13. I am most excited about the Aspen Pet Rectangular Lounger Bed With Bone Applique.

  14. I am most excited about the MuttNation Faux Suede Animals
    Thank You for the chance

  15. MuttNation Plush Printed Lounger, tyvm

  16. I am excited about the Aspen Pet Overstuffed Oval Bed. My dog would just love love love this.

  17. I liked the football since it’s football season.

  18. The guitar toy is cute as is hte rescue mutt Roxy. Thanks for the chance!

  19. Oh my gosh! I love the bandana collars! I’d happily put one on all three of my dogs!

  20. I like the MuttNation Treat Guitar

  21. We like the Mutt Nation Food Matt And their Tambourine Suede Toy.

  22. Oh our dogs love to play with toys! I think their favorite would be the MuttNation Patchwork Football!

  23. I am really excited to purchase two of the MuttNation Brown Cowhide Print Custom Fit Collars for my dogs!

  24. I’m most excited to try the Dogzilla Toss N Tug! My Sadie would enjoy this!

  25. the t shirt, I’m hiding my crazy

  26. MuttNation Plush Printed Lounger is so cute looks so soft to sleep on.

  27. MuttNation Lambswool Tooled Leather Printed Lounger is something I would love to have. I also think my doggies would love it too!

  28. I do not like Miranda Lambert but I like the MuttNation Plush Printed Lounger.

  29. I think my dog would like the Lambswool Tooled Leather Printed Lounger.

  30. Turtle!

  31. I like the Muttnation denim and lace custom fit collar.

  32. I really like the printed lounger dog bed! Looks super comfy!

  33. The Tambourine is so cool! I really like it!

  34. I am most excited about the MuttNation Treat Guitar!

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