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Have you ever heard of the tradition of a birthing gift? I did not hear about it until I was pregnant with my first child and my friends were telling me about what gifts they received after giving birth to their children. Usually some form of jewelry. Needless to say,  my husband and I did not get into that particular tradition but I do like the idea of a Gem stone ring with each child’s birthstone.

I first saw these Rings For Mom on Moriarty’s Gem Art. Nicely crafted rings that are not necessarily for moms, how about grandchildren rings too!! Someone have a special birthday coming up?

Or maybe you are just love custom jewelry.  Moriarty’s has a wide selection of unique rings, earrings, pendants and more to satisfy any one’s taste.

Afraid to order on line? They are backed by the BBB and you have 31 days to return your item with no restocking fee. You can also just buy the gems and have it made into something locally if you prefer. Here is a little blurb from their website:

Our business started in 1975 as wholesale colored gem dealers. We have made our name in the trade through our extensive travels to the World’s gem sources and the fine cutting done here in our shop of the gems we discover. We have extensive knowledge of the gem market and each gem is individually inspected for cut, color and clarity and very importantly that it is of natural origin. Many of our competitors rely on outside sources to manufacture and set gems without there own quality control. 


Many of the gems we cut and other unique jewelry designs can be examined at our other websites,MoreGems.comTanzanite Jewelry Designs and Our Promise Rings.

 I was given a small gem to in exchange for this review. Of course I am not a jeweler but I love the color.

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