Newman’s Own Organic Pet Foods

Newman’s Own Organic Pet Foods

Today is Chloe’s 3rd birthday so we are sharing a few pet posts in her honor. You probably have heard of Newman’s Own Organic food products, ( stay tuned for a giveaway and review) but did you know they also have an organic pet food line? Newman’s Own Organics recognize that like the “food we choose for ourselves, the food we chose for our pets will have a strong impact on their health. They use  same quality of ingredients and careful manufacturing process that is used in our human food line.”
Our pets at Close to Home were thrilled to give them a try. Best of all you can get many of these products at your grocery store or major pet food chain. Let’s start with the organic pet food for Cats.


Lacey does not get soft food everyday but she gobbled up her jar before I even transferred it into her bowl. We are thrilled to be serving her some of the hard cat food as well.


Thought I would show you a picture of the can to show you some of the quality benefits of the organic pet foods: grain free, made with organic products and contain a high percentage of protein, something important for cats.



Now for the selection of Newman’s Own Organic dog treats. We opted out of trying the dog food simply because Chloe has a more sensitive stomach and did not want to change up her food right now. However,  I have purchased the peanut Butter snacks before for Chloe and she loves them. The perfect size for a quick reward. Don’t you love the heart shape?


newman's own organics dog treats

We thought we would share the Chicken and Rice Snack sticks with Chloe’s Friend Wilson. They look long but can be broken easily into smaller pieces. Great for taking on training outings when they just need a little bite. Wilson is smiling before he even takes a bite.


Newman’s Own® Organics’ products meet all the requirements of the USDA’s National Organic Program. How do you feel about feeding your pets organic treats and food?

Have you seen Newman’s Own Organic Pet Foods at your stores yet?


  1. Love this cat food received samples and my cats just loved it and I have 4 of them that are picky to say the least so nice they love all the flavors!

  2. I would love for my dog to try some of the Newman’s Own dog food. I know he would love the peanut butter treats, he is a peanut butter fanatic.

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