Oransi’s Robby Wash Ball and Giveaway

Have you ever heard of a washing ball before? Until I as introduced to the Robby Wash Ball newly distributed in the USA by  I had not either. I was a little skeptical at first since I am not sure how these might really work. Finding laundry to wash, no problem I can test this type of product out any day of the week.
This is what arrived in my Robby Wash Ball which is a French product that has only recently been released to the USA. The French must like clean clothes right?
Package contained:
• * 1 washing ball (with macro molecules)
• * 3 refill sachets of macro molecules
• * 1 Stain remover stick


 Here are a few of my first testers. A kitchen cloth that has spaghetti sauce and a table cloth with some extra sauce or something on there too! I used the stain stick that came with my product. 

Method of Use–Seems pretty straight forward
1. Place your clothes into the washing machine as normal and then place one ROBBYWASH laundry ball for 5KG wash on top of clothes. No additional detergent or softener products are needed. Just keep the ball inside the machine during the Wash and Rinse cycles.
2. Apply with stain remover stick for hard stain. For hand wash or pre-wash for washing machine.
3. Follow your normal laundry procedures concerning wash times, water temperature.
4. After washing, just leave the washing ball in the washing machine or remove and store in cool place allowing the ball to dry naturally.
5. When the active material (pellets) inside the ball has been 50% consumed, simply refill with free sachets given till the ball is full.
Here is what the website suggests about its effectiveness:
The beauty of using ROBBYWASH:
– 100% environmental-friendly
– No harsh chemicals
– Non toxic
– Phosphate &Chlorine free
– Completely free of dyes & perfumes
– Hypo-allergenic
– Anti-bacterial 
– Gentle on all fabric types
– Won’t fade colors
– Work well at any water temperature
• * For laundry every 3 days of 5KG wash will last up to a year or 120 consecutive washes. (the Europeans must not do as much laundry as us!!)  I wish I could get away with every three days.
• * Saves water &; time by eliminating the need for extra rinse cycles
• * No need to add fabric softeners
I was not surprised to see that the stains did not come out completely from the dish towel. It may have been there a day or two. It definitely faded but I will have to rewash.

 Stain came out of this table cloth however. There was no real laundry detergent smell which can be appealing to some people as well. 

The big test was the Sports clothing that I think is made to retain the sweaty smell. After washing, the clothes still had a little sweaty stench but I have yet to find a product that will totally do this outside of the Frebreeze Tide. I am not sure I want to add this additional chemical to my clothes.
I believe this is a great concept and I love not worrying about spilled detergent on my washer or any excess product to waste. I have been using my ordinary spray stain treatment in addition to the Eco Wash Balls just so I don’t have to do laundry over again. Kinda defeats the Eco friendly purpose. Best of all no more lugging huge Costco Sized detergent up 2 flights of stairs to the laundry room and no messy detergent all over the washer!!
The folks at Oransi is giving away one of these ROBBYWASH  Laundry Balls, retails at $32.95 on Amazon. 

Enter on the Rafflecopter Below, good luck!
 For the mandatory giveaway – people who want to enter the giveaway would be required to “Pin” the image of the Oransi product directly from your blog to one of their own Pinterest boards. S

I was given this product in return for the review but was not given any further compensation.


  1. I love how everything smells afterward!

  2. i love the smell in the end. hate that I have to fold 🙁

  3. I actually don’t mind doing laundry at all. The machine parts are easy enough, and I enjoy watching tv while I fold it. The only part I hate is putting clothes away! But having clean clothes that smell fresh is awesome!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  4. I love the feel of warm clothing after they have been pulled from the dryer. Other than that, I really don’t like laundry.

  5. Hehe, I don’t enjoy anything about laundry!

  6. those look weird!! IDK, im not to sure I could do w/o my liquid soap!! lol

  7. Love this giveaway, Tyvm for it xo GL to all

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