Protect the littlest eyes in your family–Real Kid Shades

You don’t realize the value of a good pair of sunglasses for your kids until you get back from vacation without any. Many of us do not think twice about leaving the house with our own sunglasses but few think of the sun damage our children are experiencing. 

 Our Family had the opportunity to try REAL KIDS SHADES and I knew they would come in handy this coming spring and summer season.

The Real Kids Shades provide 100% UV-A and UV-B ray protection which is recommended by Prevent Blindness America. The sunglasses are lead-free and they are made of impact-resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate frames and lenses.

Their lines of were designed to provide serious sun protection and to be comfortable, kid-friendly, and stylish. Here’s just a few of their products with suggested retail prices starting at $14.99 to $19.99:


Chuckles:  is wearing the Real Kids Shades Kids’ 712 Sunglasses,
 Black/silver glass. As you can tell from the picture to his right they have a band that goes around your head to stay on for sports. Benzy immediately asked for these to wear next time he goes fishing. The sticker says they were polarized.

Benz:  Is wearing the Real Kids Shades Blade Sunglasses – Frame 7-12 Years 

Diva:  I chose the 7-12 Fabulous Glass for her in the Tortoise. I love that they are so Diva like but check out how much of her eye is protected. You wont see that in other kids glasses at the drug or clothing stores. 

We received three pairs of Real Kids Shades. I was impressed by their durability and style. They come in great styles and colors which will match each of your children’s personalities. Most importantly the kids were thrilled to have them and loved the plastic cases they came in to keep them safe.

Some great features of REAL KIDS SHADES

  • they have a 100% replacement warranty, no questions asked and some 
  • can fitted with RX lenses. 
  • Since they are made in different sizes and styles you are bound to find the perfect size and style for your child
  • Ultra lightweight and impact resistant

You can purchase the REAL KIDS SHADES here too. Grab a pair for Valentine’s Day or even Easter Baskets. A practical gift that will make your children feel like celebrities.

You can find Real Kids Shades on Facebook and Twitter  as well to see what other consumers are saying.


We received 3 products to review for this post. No further compensations was provided and all the opinions expressed our my own.  

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