R U ready for some FOOTBALL–Easy Decorations

Football season is coming to an end, I am personally amazed at how many nights a week my husband found football on TV this season. After just leaving our Walmart store I thought I would share this post today, so you still might have time to get some themed props. Walmart currently has their holiday items 75% off and they had a lot of colored ornaments balls in stock.

Even though we don’t know who is going to be in the Super Bowl now is the time to grab your favorite team colors. (You can always have the around for next year’s football season)  I am so bummed I could not find pictures of all the decorations I made for our Army Vs Navy Football Game party. We had representatives from both sides.

I purchased non shatter Christmas ornaments in blue and gold. I hung them on the windows, you can sort of see on the picture below, filled them in bowls around the house and as a centerpiece with printed flags. I also bought colored lights I happened to find in all blue.

For the serving table, I purchased a dollar store green plastic table cloth and created my own football field with masking tape. In just a few easy steps you have a football tablecloth. Get the kids involved it is hard not to get straight lines with all the creases!! (see above for the final product)

Football parties are fun even during these tense moments!! Fortunately for my husband we won this year!! I will be posting some favorite football party foods in a few weeks. Hope your favorite teams win!


  1. Cute idea! My son had a football themed birthday party last year!

  2. The Army-Navy game is the only game I watch. This was some great ideas. GO NAVY!

  3. We only watch the superbowl, and I love that I can use these ideas for it!

  4. Cute! Great ideas for the Super Bowl 🙂

  5. What a fun idea! My husband isn’t a big fan of football but since there hasn’t been hockey yet this season I’ve caught him watching a game or two of football.

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