How do Seasonal Allergies Affect your Family

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There are two times a year when our trash cans are overflowing with tissues, beginning of fall and springtime. As our family of five is blessed with no food allergies, Virginia’s change of seasons has a huge impact on our seasonal allergies. I personally never suffered from seasonal allergies until moving to Richmond, VA. The streets are green in the Spring and the kids love playing in the moldy leaves in the Fall so there is no way to avoid seasonal allergies.

Having three children with runny noses equals a lot of tissue usage in our house, especially when they grab a new tissue with each blow. There is nothing worse than three kids with runny noses than three kids suffering from red soar noses from all the tissue use. Despite their age, children are pretty fast learners, if their noses are hurt from the tissues they are using, they are going to start reaching for their sleeves. Super Gross and there is nothing worse then going to hug your sick child to be covered in their snottiness!! 


We are all guilty of purchasing tissues that are on sale despite the brand, only to find they are rough and leave your sensitive noses rough and red. We are not bad parents, just caught up in saving money and not remembering the mantra “You get what you pay for”. This is when I discovered Kleenex with Aloe Vera. The Kleenex tissues are not only thick in texture but super soft to the touch. It does not leave a residue on your fingers either. 


So while you can’t avoid seasonal allergies unless you move, you can avoid miserable children and buy the Kleenex that won’t hurt their noses so they will reach for the Kleenex box and not their sleeves. We can only hope. LOL!!

fall allergies

Kleenex brand also have theses adorable Wallet and Pocket packs so you can always be armed with Kleenex Brand tissues for those unexpected runny noses. I really love the wallet packs for my purse or the kids back packs. They seal nicely and don’t take much room.

If you shop at Target be sure and use this coupon “while supplies last” for : Buy Kleenex 4pack, get free wallet pack (2-pk) or pocket pack (3-pk): 

How do seasonal allergies affect your family?


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  1. just a good point Carmen it is not just about the red noses

  2. I and 3 of my 6 kids have allergies.. I used to buy the cheapest brand and learned that we went thru them a lot faster than Kleenex so I changed and started using only Kleenex.. it may be a little bit pricier but if you only use one tissue of Kleenex vs 3 of the cheap brand you save more money… in the end..

  3. This is a great deal…I buy tons of tissue this time of year and it always has to be the good stuff. Thanks for the great coupon 🙂

  4. Although we don’t suffer from allergies, it’s cold and flu season, so we always have kleenex on hand!

  5. My son is suffering from seasonal allergies right now and he’s absolutely miserable! It does make a difference what tissue you use too. Some of it is just downright abrasive. Kleenex is my favorite!

  6. Oh yeah… got some of those going on! So far, I manage to get away with very little meds, which is the way I really want to keep it. Great post! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the coupon! We go through a lot of kleenex during allergy season (which seems to last forever) I love kleenex and have them all over my house.

  8. My seasonal allergies are the pits!

  9. My poor little 3 year old has seasonal allergies. He gets the worst little red nose.

  10. Colds are the worse, they seem to get the kids down even more.

  11. Ugh, allergies. I’m so grateful for Kleenex during the cold and allergy season.

  12. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I do shop at Target and am going through Kleenex like it is going out of style!

  13. We always try to stay ahead of allergies by making sure we have lots of Kleenex in our house!

  14. We have always been a Kleenex family. My seasonal allergies happen in late spring and we go through boxes and boxes!

  15. I have allergies almost year-round. I should buy stock in Kleenex, because I use A LOT of them! 😉

  16. Thankfully we don’t have seasonal allergies but we do get pesky colds!

  17. Thanks for the coupon! Luckily we don’t have allergies but heads colds are making their round around here!