Shamrock Pretzels

Received my March Issue of Family Fun today and I love going to the final page to see what seasonal treat they created.

This month in honor of St. Patrick’s Day they made shamrocks out of no other than my favorite food crafting items, pretzels and chocolate.

clover pretzel

I first looked for chocolate covered pretzels at Kroger and was unable to find any. I know one of the pretzel companies makes them around Christmas. I then found yogurt covered pretzels in the bulk section of Fresh Market. Just incase I also purchased tiny twists pretzels  to cover some in chocolate or bark, a little more tedious and not sure if I would have ever completed the project!! So relieved when I found the covered ones!!

Using chocolate connect 3 pretzels into this shape. Add the stem from a broken pretzel. Let them set.

The magazine suggests using green frosting to outline the shamrock. I did not have any so I simply tried more white chocolate, that I melted in a ziploc bag. I also found some green chocolate discs that worked well.

 Then cover or dip into green sprinkles.

Tired of making these. How about just adding some more green chocolate and sprinkles to the left over pretzels. Festive enough. My daughter enjoyed making these.

Here is another cute option the little ones can help make from the Crafty Crow.


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  1. Cute! Thanks for linking up to my annual blog crawl!

  2. Cute project. I have never read FamilyFun but enjoy their website. I love their April Fool’s Day food ideas and did their Spaghetti and Meatballs one year. Your kids would love that one!

  3. Mg these are ao cute!! Gonna have to give these a try! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Those are cute. But wayyyy too much work for me. I could see doing the white chocolate and then just the sparkles and calling it a day. In fact, I think I will! thanks for the idea!