Slow Cooker Meals Made Easy

The holiday season has started and our schedules will quickly fill up. This is when I decide to make slow cooker meals more and found a great weeknight solution that you can simply throw in frozen meat and turn on the crock pot. Stubbs has come out with All Natural Cookin’ Sauce and it truly is that easy. I decided to try Chili Fixins and my family raved about it, sorry Grandma I love yours too.


I was in a pinch one morning and found some frozen ground beef in the freezer. I simply added it to my slow cooker and added cooking sauce and can of beef broth per the directions. However, it’s not chili at our house without a few extras, beans and celery were added as well. I left and came back at dinner time. 


I love that you can just throw anything into a slow cooker meal and it comes together so well.


IT was done to perfection and the kids just added their favorite chili toppings. Dinner could not have been easy thanks to the slow cooker meals.


I usually don’t love pre made sauces but you can read every ingredient on the side of the STUBB’S Chili Fixins bag. Like I said they are all natural and come in Bar-B-Q Slider, Chili Fixins, Hatch Chile and Smokehouse Bourbon. Any home cook can create quick, delicious dinners with very little effort. 

We made the sliders as well using chicken breasts.

slow cooker sliders

The on con of these sauces is the sodium content. Hopefully since I add more ingredients our intake is less. Also I use low sodium broth or you are talking about a very high sodium level meal.

So don’t stress over the holidays and getting food on the table, Slow Cooker meals just got easier with STUBBS.

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