Snacks and Breakfast for Kids on the Run

Snacks and Breakfast for Kids on the Run

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cole’s MIDDLES™. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am not sure about you but I have that family member that will look in the pantry and pull out bread, bagels etc and always ask, are these fresh? For a person that does not do the grocery shopping, I have a few choice words for that person. Better yet, you just bought fresh bagels and you open the cream cheese to see mold has set into the container. It is hard enough to get your kids to eat breakfast, but now you have run out of options. Come on I know there is someone reading this that this has happened to! We have a solution for this go to breakfast ideas. 

Have you heard of Cole’s MIDDLES™ ? Cole’s MIDDLES™  are the next best thing shaking up the snacking world from leading frozen bread manufacturer, Cole’s Quality Foods, Inc. The ones I found are basically frozen bagels, already with the smear inside? You simply heat them up and send the kids off on their way.

Middles Snacks and Breakfast for Kids on the Run

Snacks and Breakfast for Kids on the Run

While our Walmart did not have all these flavors, you need to check your local store for flavors such as Pretzel Beer Cheese, Bread 5 Cheese, Bread Mac & Cheese, Pain Bagel Cream Cheese, Everything Bagel Cream Cheese and French Toast Cream Cheese. Our Walmart had them stocked in the breakfast freezer section.

Snacks and Breakfast for Kids on the Run

When someone is hungry, simply pop in the oven or microwave and enjoy a warm bread treat with gooey cheese filling. We know kids can be fussy, so with six different  varieties, there will be a flavor your child can eat for snack, dinner, and breakfast. They were smaller than a typical bagel size, so I am sure the kids will want more than one. I would say they are equivalent in size to a mini bagel. Snacks and Breakfast for Kids on the Run

We tried both heating some in the oven and some in the microwave, it was a unanimous decision that the Middles baked in the oven were far better.

Snacks and Breakfast for Kids on the Run

We had give you a close up, this was a cut Middles but you can see there is a decent proportion of cheese filling and bread.

Snacks and Breakfast for Kids on the Run

Don’t worry about feeding them to your friends kids with nut allergies: Middles are produced in a Nut and Tree Nut Free facility! Do I have you convinced to try these yet? Well now you can try them for a $1 Off Coupon. This coupon will bring the price down to under $3 a box. Definitely a snack worth trying once. Check them out here :  Cole’s MIDDES™page on

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