Perfect Snacks for Teens

Perfect Snacks for Teens
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People talk about how much teenage boys will eat your out of house and home. Well my younger tween boys are surely gearing up for that role, while my teenage daughter can’t get enough to eat after a long day of soccer practice. As a 7th grader, she made the JV Soccer team which means long daily practices. When I get her at 6pm she is ravenous and unwilling to wait for dinner. How do you satisfy these ravenous eaters and keep their stomachs happy until the next meal?


During a recent grocery trip at Walmart, I noticed a new product in the frozen snack section. HOT POCKETS® Pepperoni Pizza Snack Bites,  HOT POCKETS® Hickory Ham and Cheddar Snack Bites  and HOT POCKETS® Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Bites. A smaller version of the classic HOT POCKETS® but still full of the flavors the kids enjoy. The new HOT POCKETS® Snack Bites are hot, hearty and delicious BITE size pieces of real food that will satisfy your kids until the next meal.


While I get dinner ready, Caitlin can enjoy a quick snack she can simply pop into the microwave and enjoy in under 2 minutes. 


Throw some cut apples in the picture and she should be more satisfied until dinner is served.


I also purchased a bag of the HOT POCKETS® Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Bites.. I can not get my daughter to eat in the morning, mainly because she comes down from her room with very little time left. Thanks to HOT POCKETS® Snack Bites I can throw a few of the breakfast bites into the microwave when I hear her coming down the stairs and I know she is easting a snack that will satisfy her hunger because they are made with quality ingredients like 100% real cheese which provide just the right kick-start to their day.


Make up a few fruit kebabs and leave them in the fridge. They compliment the HOT POCKETS® Breakfast Bites and will have the energy to get thru to lunch. Teenagers think they know it all, and don’t value the importance of starting their day with at least a snack.


Do you have trouble getting your teens to eat in the morning or keep them full after school? Now you can try HOT POCKETS® Breakfast Bites and Snack Bites at Walmart and SAVE $1 from April 1 – April 30 with this coupon. You can also try HOT POCKETS® Breakfast Bites and Snack Bites at one of the upcoming demos, Check to find a demo near you April 10-12. What a perfect way to see if you kids will like a product before you buy it.


Still not sold on these new snacks? See what other moms and dads are saying about HOT POCKETS® on Facebook.



Sure looks like it was a big hit with our hungry Teenager! 


What types of snacks do you feed your teen to keep them satisfied? 



  1. those are really good choices Shawna, and we also like our kids to eat well fresh fruits and veggies, but sometimes its nice to have some extra things in the freezer just in case.

  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion Yes making things from scratch is always a good choice, but I like to have some extra stuff in the freezer when I don’t have time for homemade.

  3. Or… You could not pretend an advertisement is a blog. Sheesh! Make your own hand pies people. They’re a third of the cost, healthier (you know what goes in them, no artificial stuff, no extra sugars, filling without the extra calories, etc.) and you can make endless varieties and just freeze it yourself. My two cents.

  4. i have bought these and they are very good. I will buy more and I gave some to my friend and she loved them also.

  5. Personally, I have never liked hot pockets and never will. They are full of calories, fats, sodium aND everything that is bad for you. A little peanut butter, an apple or banana, and a glass of water is all a teenager needs after a day at work. Not only does that help with protien, but also fruit and gets them hydrated.

  6. I’m so making my kids some fruit kabobs this weekend. It’s been a while!

  7. I deferred this question to my teen. She likes applesauce and marshmallows.

  8. I have not tried the Hot Pockets Bites and they sure look good, and the fruit is great too. We like having string cheese, fruit, chicken nuggets, for snacks!

  9. My kids come home from school and eat everything in sight. I would love to see what they think of these.

  10. I like the way you combined the fruit and fruit kabobs with these snacks. It makes a more well balanced sack. It is a great idea.

  11. Those look really good! My son would be all about it. The fruit is a nice touch too!

  12. I don’t have teens yet but my little man is already always hungry so I have a feeling we are going to have a big grocery bill in the future!

  13. Great snack idea – I would eat this too!

  14. YUM. I love Hot Pockets. Good stuff! I haven’t tried the bite size versions yet, but they look like they would make a great snack!

  15. That sounds great! My kids aren’t teens, but they would devour these!

  16. These do sound like awesome snacks. We loved the regular hot pockets, the bites sound just as good!

  17. Ohh we’ve got to try those new Hot Pocket Bites! Those are perfect for little hands and tummies!

  18. My daughter is always late for school, so the breakfast Hot Pockets would be great for her. This is a brilliant idea.

  19. Oh my forget the teenager I would eat these watching TV. So yummy…

  20. Oh I do like that these are in bite size now. My kids would like these for snacking!

  21. This is the first I’ve heard of Hot Pockets Bites! I think we’d really like the Hickory Ham and Cheddar ones! Such a great snack for after school!

  22. They look tasty but Teens with their appetite would appreciate something more filling. I like it but the portions seem small

  23. Yup, my kids will love those. I have to get some 🙂

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