Sometimes you have to look up…using trees for an floral arrangement

I know I am a day late for Earth Day but we had out of town guests this weekend so I left the computer off for most of the weekend and filled my kitchen with a few new recipes to debut later this week!!
While looking in my garden on Thursday for some flowers to pick for a dining room table arrangement. I was feeling disappointed since the spring floral season came early all the daffodils and even azaleas were already gone. I did not even have enough herbs to cut which I sometimes do for a smaller arrangement in the kitchen.
Arrangement made later in the week from top of Fennel
I saw my neighbor outside in her garden, she is the true master gardener and told me to do something I did not think often to do this time of year…look up at the blooming trees. I do this all the time over Christmas Holidays.
In fact that is a territory of floral arrangements I never thought of this time of year. After scouring the yard I came up with this. Not a traditional bouquet for some but the colors went perfectly in my dining room.
On Monday as I write this, the hydrangea vine was the only thing wilting. That is one good think about the woody stems is they do typically last longer.
Here is another reason to look up sometimes. These fellows came for a visit this weekend as well.

What are some different things you have made arrangements from?


  1. yes our neighborhood has 9 acres of nature preserve however don’t think anyone has had trouble with our owls enough squirrels to nibble on!

  2. not a lovely surprise in the tree if you have chickens or small dogs and cats…..they are real killers…..but it is exciting to see them if they don’t pose a danger to your animals…..The arrangment is very pretty….and creative….we sure miss a lot when we don’t look around us.

  3. SO pretty!! I love arranging flowers, but I haven’t really used anything creative (other than just cut flowers) 🙂

  4. Very nice! I like the whole treatment of a bouquet as a tree. Great job, and what a lovely surprise in the tree!

  5. Great post, and a GREAT idea! I’m really not able to do arragements because I have 2 cats, who dont listen, and eat every stinkin plant/flower/herb/piece of greenery the second it enters my door. I miss making floral arrangments 🙁 lol.

  6. I love the different textures & colors in all the leaves you chose. It makes for a attractive decorative piece.

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