Spring Break Clean up

Well it is that time of year again when schools will be out for a week and families will be heading to the beach, ski slopes or local parks. I know it would be easy to just send the kids out the the beach everyday and walk over trash like it doesn’t exist. I am not a tree hugger but I want my kids to appreciate their surroundings and maybe think twice about letting a juice box straw fall into the sand.

I will repeat this activity this year on spring break and hope some of you will think about it as well.
Before I allowed the children to play at the beach, I gave them each a plastic grocery bag and told them to fill it up with garbage. The beach we visit on the east coast of Florida has no lack of trash so it was easy to fill their bag. I think they were amazed as I as to the variety and amount of things people throw into our waters. They actually got excited about doing it every morning and would ask me for the bags. If they are reluctant put a time limit on it and see who can collect the most garbage.

This does not just have to be done at the beach, take a few minutes before you play at the park to look around and pick up some scraps of trash, even in the parking lot. Maybe it will catch on and the environment will thank you.

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