Tempering chocolate in microwave and Chocolate covered Strawberries

I was in charge of a dessert/fruit tray for an event this weekend. I thought I would kill two birds by making Chocolate Covered strawberries along with Oatmeal Carmelittos which I will share with you in a later post. I also thought this would be a great reminder of Valentine’s Day.

Tempering chocolate is a science, one that I don’t follow or understand. I simply like to microwave the chocolate, the best you can afford, for 30 second increments. When it is almost melted, stir and add a few more chips to lower the temperature. The stirring and cooling in this process makes the chocolate shiny.

When making Chocolate Covered strawberries, wash the berries before and make sure they are completely dry or you will have a disaster on had. It is best to do them room temperature as well so you don’t get any condensation.

Simply dip and let stand on parchment paper in the fridge or in a cool room. You can either double dip them in white chocolate or drizzle over them  Be sure if you are double dipping the first layer of chocolate is cooled completely and the second layer cooled slightly or you will have a mess!

And then comes the snowball effect of my projects. Literally this weekend as we were in 14 inches of snow. Once I realized I had left over chocolate I could not waste it so I took out some pretzel sticks and decided to make a Valentine themed pretzel treats.

Doing so I experimented with the kids and made pink chocolate using some white chocolate and red chocolate discs….a little hard to tell but it was a pretty color pink. I prefered the pink chocolate drizzled over the white versus the all pink pretzel.

I found these cute themed sprinkles at Target for 2.00 in the Dollar Spot section!! For this price you don’t mind if the kids are a little aggressive with the sprinkles.

Surely I did not want to eat all of these sweet treats around the house, so I came up with this packaging. So simple, just print out a label on card stock, being sure to have it as wide as your bag and twice the length as  you want the design. Just fold over and staple. A sweet treat that looks both professional and thoughtful!

My pretzel bags are large enough for two pretzel rods each. If you prefer to give just one pretzel, just fold them over carefully and staple on the label. A great classroom treat that the kids can do almost by themselves!! (have the adult melt all the chocolate)

And then…I had some extra pink chocolate left over, so I did some free hand hearts onto the parchment paper, these would be cute adornments to a cupcake or brownie!! I stop there…

Here is a readers example, she priced out the pretzel project and it cost only $5.00 for all the ingredients for a bag of pretzel rods!!


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