The Lazy Gourmet–Cookbook Review

Next on our cookbook holiday tour is the The Lazy Gourmet, a cookbook written   Juliana Gallin. Is there such a thing as a lazy gourmet in cooking? The definition of gourmet does not include slaving in the kitchen for hours  I think too many people just decide not to cook because they think it is too hard. After one disastrous dinner party, that person is going to be discouraged to ever try it again. I was always told if you can read you can cook. This is a great cookbook for a newlywed or person starting to live on their own as it is filled with great tips!

I often read a cookbook like a book. I enjoy starting at the beginning and going through the ending. This book starts off with pantry and freezer food basics for easy entertaining. This is so true if you have some basic ingredients you can always throw a quick dessert or appetizer together. There are Rookie Cook tips, some that are obvious but that is coming from someone who has spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

The recipes are all Gourmet in verbiage but not necessary in ingredient list. However, they are not all appealing , such as garlic soup with asparagus and poached eggs. The idea of Garlic and soup turns me off slightly.

Most of the recipes have suggestions for make ahead steps, serving suggestions and how to make substitutions so you can make it again but with a different twist. Cookbooks are the perfect holiday gift for anyone as everyone has to eat and most likely makes at least one meal at home.

Here is what Amazon says about this book: The Lazy Gourmet is for anyone who dreams of dazzling guests with fabulous home-cooked fare, but fears that such a feat would require Thomas Keller’s talent, Martha Stewart’s ingenuity, Gandhi’s patience, and Charles Manson’s free time. The goal of The Lazy Gourmet is to conquer the misguided belief that preparing an elegant meal requires spending hours—or days—in the kitchen. With the help of an army of volunteer testers—regular people with no culinary training—Robin Donovan and Juliana Gallin developed this collection of recipes that can be prepared using readily available ingredients and common kitchen appliances, and without any previous cooking experience or training. With our recipes, anyone can prepare delicious and sophisticated, yet surprisingly simple dishes that will impress fussy in-laws, placate implacable bosses, and seduce sexy strangers through the proven method of knocking their socks off at the dinner table.

This book will be given away as part of a Girlfriends Wish List Giveaway package.

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I was provided this gift for review purposes but all the opinions expressed are my own.

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