Tips for a Fun Family Game Night

Our lives our hectic and the kids sports schedules rarely give us time to eat dinner together, let alone take some time out for a family game night. I often feel overwhelmed with the prospects of this and giving up time with my husband but it truly does benefit the family.

Here are some tips to get everyone excited about game night.

1) Since technology is such a big thing these days, get it on every one’s calendar. Even if it is the family paper calendar in the kitchen. Once it is scheduled it is hard to make excuses.

2) Plan a menu that will suit every one’s tastes. Each family member can suggest an item they would like to see on the menu from potato chips to pepperoni pizzas. If there is something there everyone craves, they are more willing to come participate. To keep it within budget check out your local Kroger store for store brands of your favorite foods. (we picked a Mexican theme). Grab Kroger Vitamin Waters to refresh the thirsty gamers!

3)Grab a few games out and have the family vote. Limiting the games will eliminate some of the conflict. Try to keep away from Wii or Xbox games as the interaction is not easy. If you have a lot of time play all 3! Snacks are very important when getting competitive in the game of life.

4) Turn off all cell phones, put house phones on mute and make sure the TV is off. Nothing takes away from the family as the phone ringing or constant beeping notifications of emails.

5) While rapping up your night, discuss what the family wants to do for the next Game night. Maybe the kids can earn a new game or a night out bowling by doing chores or just chipping in some of their own money.

I am a BzzAgent and was given Food items from Kroger to facilitate this post. All the opinions are my own and I was not given any further compensation.

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  1. Stuff like this is so important, gotta build those relationships with the kids and make them last.

  2. I like the idea of turning off the cell phones and computers. We all need to disconnect from the outside world and focus solely on our family more.

  3. oh what fun! I would love to incorporate a game night in our home! Great idea!

  4. I like the idea of scheduling game night too. We love games in our family and have a lot. Thanks for sharing these tips. (I like no cell phone!)

  5. I like idea of scheduling this time. We used to call Sunday are family day and focused more on this. I think we need to bring this back. We let our kids do menu picking like this is for Christmas and New Year eves, but I like including it on family game days. Would take the pressure of me for meal planning.

  6. Our kids are a bit young for these tips, but they’re great, so I’m keeping them in mind! Thanks!