You scream I scream we all scream for ICE CREAM Frozen treats!! #sponsored

You scream I scream we all scream for ICE CREAM Frozen treats!!  #sponsored

Thanks to Unilever for sponsoring this post on their newest line-up of frozen treats.

Just because Labor Day has passed does not mean we are no longer eating frozen treats. If calories were not an issue I would have ice cream every night. No matter how full you are there is always room for frozen treats. My youngest always says, “my dinner side is full (referring to his stomach) but my ice cream side is empty!”

frozen treats

Before school was out I dragged the boys to the grocery store with me. I know sounds horrible, well not when you give them 5 free product coupons to pick out the newest line up frozen treats from Unilever and tell them pick out your favorites!!

Pretty impressed with their selection. I would have picked all things mint but they really mixed things up. 

They were able to choose one item  from FruttareMAGNUM Ice CreamPopsicleBreyersGood Humor, and Klondike as an after-school snack and way to reign in summer fun even though the kids are back to school. 

  • A new frozen fruit bar that is synonymous with a positive outlook on life, just hit shelves for the first time in the U.S. The new Fruttare product line includes two types of frozen fruit bars: Fruttare Fruit and Milk Bars – the first nationally available line of its kind – and Fruttare Fruit and Juice Bars. The delicious Fruttare Fruit and Milk Bars, which are made with real fruit and creamy milk, are available in Strawberry and Milk, Coconut and Milk, Banana and Milk and Peach and Milk varieties, and the refreshing Fruttare Fruit and Juice Bars are available in Strawberry, Mango, Lime and Orange varieties.(These are so refreshing and guilt free)
  • MAGNUM, the most luxurious ice cream bar, is debuting MAGNUM Gold?! and MAGNUM Mini Double Caramel. MAGNUM Gold?!, the world’s first golden ice cream bar and a uniquely indulgent treat that is truly as good as gold. Featuring silky vanilla bean ice cream swirled with sea salt caramel and dipped in a golden coating made with Belgian milk chocolate, these treats are sure to unlock life’s greatest pleasures. (I did not even get to taste these treats, with only 3 in a box the kids dove into these first)


  • Breyers Blasts!, the line known for featuring delicious mix-ins from families’ best-loved candy and cookie brands, is expanding its offerings to include seven new Breyers Blasts! Flavors such as Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints and M&M’S. In addition, there are two new limited-edition seasonal flavors and a new Lactose Free variety. ( I was a little concerned by the fact is says frozen dessert and not ice cream, they use a lot of ingredients besides milk and cream It did not taste as “creamy” as really ice cream)
  • Good Humor is getting in the holiday spirit with the introduction of the REESE’S Peanut Butter pumpkin-shaped ice cream bars. The brand is also taking a twist on its classic ice cream bars with the introduction of the new Good Humor Birthday Cake bar, featuring vanilla cake flavored ice cream surrounded by light vanilla ice cream and coated with cake crunch. 
  • Continuing its Yosicle line of products, Popsicle is delivering yet another unexpected combination with Yosicle Swirlz!, featuring creamy swirls of Chocolate & Vanilla and Strawberry-Red Raspberry and Strawberry-Banana. Popsicle is also partnering with the bright and cheerful Hello Kitty brand to create new Popsicle Hello Kitty Fun Bunch ice pops.
  • Klondike brings plenty of nostalgia and variety to every man’s freezer with 11 varieties of classic stickless ice cream bars, 4 delicious flavors of ice cream sandwiches, and Choco Taco treats. (My kids picked out my favorite mint chocolate chip-Yummy)

I had no idea Unilever made all these frozen treats as we have been fans for years and even though I am a traditionalist I love all the new products they are developing.

What is your favorite Unilever frozen treat? 


  1. I chuckle and have a hard time resisting his request for dessert when he pulls that one.

  2. My oldest is notorious for being “full of dinner” but somehow still has room for something sweet, I love that your little one divides it by sides, too cute!

  3. They all look yummy. I am a sucker for mint choc chip ice cream. The birthday cake treats look good too.

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