Waterproof eReader for Avid Readers: NOOK GlowLight Plus

Oh the places you can go with the new NOOK GlowLight Plus.  Go reading that is. Whether you are looking for a new NOOK for yourself or a great gift idea for the avid reader in your home, you need to check out the NOOK GlowLight Plus. Barnes & Noble’s first waterproof and dustproof device, the beautifully designed and lightweight NOOK GlowLight Plus offers an immersive and enjoyable reading experience in low light and bright sun thanks its advanced E Ink® display and a built-in ambient light. I just got back from a trip to Turks and Caicos and instead of lugging 2 paper back books that got wet when I was, this really would have come in handy. 

NOOK glowlight plus

Best New Features of the NOOK GlowLight Plus

  1. Waterproof and dustproof for worry-free reading anywhere 


  1.  Its sleek build, seamless construction and aluminum body make NOOK GlowLight Plus as beautiful as it is durable for an elegant and enjoyable reading experience
  2. Built-in ambient light offers an immersive and enjoyable reading experience in low light and bright sun
  3.  B&N Readouts, a great new feature that leverages Barnes & Noble’s vast content catalog and deep bookseller knowledge to deliver a daily selection of free book excerpts and full articles from current issues of popular periodicals to your NOOK.


Just imagine, you no longer have to limit where you bring your NOOK. It will fit your lifestyle whether you like to read after your partner is asleep.

NOOK Glowlight

In the tub getting away from the kids


Or at the beach listening to the waves go back and forth.

waterproof ereader

The NOOK GlowLight Plus is ready for reading in low light or bright sun and perfect for worry-free reading anywhere. Because it’s under 7 ounces, it’s perfect to pop into a purse or bag and have great reading with you everywhere you go. Plus NOOK Profiles transforms NOOK GlowLight Plus into any family member’s own eReader, where they can access personalized content and recommendations with a quick tap of the screen. 

thin ereader

Just like every other NOOK devices, this also comes with free lifetime in-store support. NOOK customers can visit their local Barnes & Noble to experience the NOOK GlowLight Plus firsthand, receive complimentary, personal support, speak with expert booksellers and take advantage of in-store features like free Wi-Fi and Read in Store, which allows you to read any NOOK Book for free for up to one hour per day.

Even though it is highly durable, you still can personalize and protect their device with a number of colorful and stylish accessories designed for the new NOOK GlowLight Plus.

The new NOOK GlowLight Plus is available only at Barnes & Noble stores and online at for just $129.99, with an additional 10 percent off for Barnes & Noble Members. The NOOK is ad-free at no additional cost unlike other eReader products that require a higher price to remove special offers. A special limited-time offer lets customers choose three free NOOK Books and three free NOOK Magazines from a selection of titles, plus a $5 starter credit and free lifetime in-store support.

It’s Waterproof!
The NOOK GlowLight Plus is designed to enable you to read worry-free near wet environments so feel free to enjoy a book in the pool or bath. The device is waterproof in fresh water for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1 meter (3.28 feet).

DO AVOID exposing your device to the following to ensure the device continues to function properly:
• Water moving with force (e.g. a showerhead, spigot or intense rainfall)
• Liquids other than fresh water such as seawater, salt water, detergent, liquid chemicals or beverages
• Extreme temperatures (e.g. hot water or steam room)

ereader library

Why should you consider getting a nook for your avid reader in your family? 

  • Access the expansive NOOK Store of more than 4 million books, plus a wide selection of magazines and newspapers.
  • B&N Readouts is a feature that brings Barnes & Noble’s popular bookstore browsing and free bite-sized content to the NOOK digital experience.

reading place

Who will have The NOOK GlowLight Plus on their gift list this year? 

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  1. I own a sony reader always had problems reading in the sun. I love that this one is glare less.

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