Make a Custom Pet Food Container Out of A Old Popcorn Tin

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What do you use to store your pet’s food? For the last 2 1/2 years we have used an empty popcorn tin we received as a gift. After given the opportunity to try FrogTape® Shape tape, I decided to give this tin can a makeover. My FrogTape how-to inspiration comes from this designer dog food container found on Ballard Designs.

diy pet food container
I love my pup but not enough to spend $80 for a container when I have a similar food storage container at home, it is just not as pretty. I am going to show you how easy it is to transform an ordinary tin pail into a designer pet food container using FrogTape® Shape tape, specifically this wave variety. how-to-use-frogtape

Since our original container was Christmas themed I first spray painted the container white.(this will be the color of the stripes)  I used a 2×1 paint that has a primer as well. BE SURE and allow your paint to dry for at least 24 hours. (oops I did not read the directions well the first time)

diy pet food container

After the paint is cured, apply the Shape tape around the container. The directions suggest taking one side on then pulling the other side. Since this is in a circle, I found that to be challenging. When I applied the second strip, I took off both sides at once and then applied it to the pet food container. using-frogtape-shapetape

Once it is sealed, you can spray the entire container again with spray paint, this time I chose a green color.


You can immediately remove the FrogTape if you wish. I had no problem with the tape pulling up the other paint on the lid of the container since I allowed it to dry for a few days. Since I only waited for the paint to dry, a few hours, the tape pulled up a little of the white paint. I have learned for my next project. stripes-spray-painting

Here is it after I fixed it. Don’t ask, just allow the spray paint to cure for at least 24 hours, I would suggest 48 at a minimum. The FrogTape really does lock away the paint and gives great lines, even these curvy ones.

diy pet food container

Since Chloe’s Food amounts have changed with age, weight and type of food, I decided to add a chalkboard strip on the lid. Simply tape off the space you would like to have as a chalkboard. This is the perfect dog food storage solution for a very low price. 


Paint on the chalkboard paint per the directions.

Make a Custom Pet Food Container Out of A Old Popcorn Tin

Lift off the tape and allow the chalkboard paint to dry completely.

diy pet food container

Now you have a customized DIY pet food container that looks like the designer version but was much less expensive. 

Make a Custom Pet Food Container Out of A Old Popcorn Tin

Now what to make next with my FrogTape® Shape tape!! Ok did not take long, transformed this yucky pail I found, and will use it as a drink tub for outdoor parties. close-to-home

What will you make with FrogTape? See what others are doing by following them on Twitter.

diy dog food container

Would you make this a Custom Pet Food Container? Ours has lasted for several years. 


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