25 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and as a mom, I love a homemade gift. A gift a child makes has a deeper meaning than something they could just buy at the store with dad. 

So, I collected a bunch of DIY Mother’s Day gifts that will also be great for Teacher Appreciation Week. I think I need to forward these to my husband and teens so they can start getting crafty for Mother’s Day too! I hope you find some inspiration in this list of 25 Homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas. I would love to know which DIY Mother’s day gift ideas you would love to receive.

DIY mothers day gifts

1. DIY Gumball Filled Mason Jar Flower Vase
2. Teacup Candles
3. Family Subway Art Pillow Case
4. Ice Cream Cone String Art
5. DIY Jewelry Dish Plate Organizer
6. Easy Lavendar Homemade Soap
7. Mother’s Day Card From Baby
8. Homemade Lavendar Milk Bath
9. Paint Dipped Kitchen Utensils
10. Candy Flower Pot
11. Mothers of Little Boys Sign
12. DIY Yoga Mat Spray
13. DIY Moss Topiaries
14. DIY Mother’s Day Cards
15. DIY Manicure Nail Oil
16. Handprint Flower Bags
17. Nest Necklace DIY
18. Photo Cubes
19. Druzy Chain Bracelet
20. Milk Glass Succulent
21. Peppermint Food Scrub
22. Strawberry Pot Succulent Planter
23. Tissue Paper Hyacinth Flowers
24. Confetti-filled Balloons
25. DIY Vanity Tray


What is your favorite DIY Mother’s Day gift you ever received or made?

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