10 Popular Graduation Party Ideas for an Amazing Party

You have picked the date, started the guest list, now you need to pick invitations and a graduation party ideas. Here are 10 creative graduation party ideas that are sure to be a crowd pleaser no matter if it’s an elementary party or college graduation party.

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Once you pick your theme don’t forget the Graduation party games and Activities 


10 Popular Graduation Party Ideas for an Amazing Party

   10 Popular Graduation Party Ideas for an Amazing Party

 Popcorn Bar


Rent a movie theatre style popcorn machine if you are having a large crowd. Then set out toppings from candy to popcorn seasonings. The guests can fill their own containers for a snack.

Sports Themed

This could not be simpler. There is so much available to accent the graduate’s favorite sport. This is especially great if the child is going off to college to play a sport. You can make this into a teen theme with more sophisticated sports themed party supplies. 

School Themed Graduation Party

Use the colors of the graduating school or the college school colors. This is simple yet festive. Look for solid color decorations and solid color paper products. Be sure to check out how easy these graduation Oreo balls are to make.


Candy Graduation Hat Oreo Balls

Cotton Candy or Candy Bar

No matter how old the graduates are, everyone loves a little candy. Rent a cotton candy machine or set out a candy bar. Label the candy in graduation themes like bookworms (gummy worms), Smartie Pants (smarties), Reach for the Stars (starbursts), Goodbye Suckers (lollipops), Class Rings (ring pops)

Dr Seus Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Theme

While this may seem juvenile, you can have a table set out with bright colors. I found this fun Dr. Sues party photo here. 

Photo Booth

Everyone loves memories. Either rent a photo booth or make one yourself. Kids can just use their phones to capture photos of their friends to save money. Buy some 2018 graduation party supplies for the backgrounds of your photo booth.

Future Is Bright


  • Celebrate your graduate’s bright future with this cheerful theme. Choose vibrant, sunny colors, and accessorize bright outdoor lights.
  • Give out sunglasses if the party is during the day.
  • Give out glow sticks if the party is at night.




Instead of a cake, have a donut bar. There are so many donut shops with unique flavors. Decorate with festive colors and make this adorable donut graduation party banner we found.

Graduation Year Supplies

No matter what the theme you need to have a few graduation year supplies. These are inexpensive and can be scattered around on different food items such as cupcakes, cheese, fruit or even on the popcorn or donut bars.

Also, buy inexpensive water bottle labels to adorn drinks it adds a festive touch to the bar area.


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