10 Graduation Party Games and Activities

Hopefully, you followed our Graduation Timeline and are on track to throw the best Graduation party of your child’s school So you have sent out the invitations, picked out your graduation party theme and now need Graduation Party Games and Activities.

While it is nice to have great party food like Walking Tacos and maybe an Ice Tea Bar, people actually like to have little activities and games to play to break the ice. 

Activities & Games To Play at Graduation Party


Activities & Games To Play at Graduation Party

Sign a Book

Ask each guest to sign a copy of Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” and gift it to the proud graduate at the end of the event.  This is a classic book that almost every graduate should receive plus with all the well wishes of the guests this is something they will cherish for decades to come. 

Guess the Mascot 

For high school graduation, hang up a photo of a mascot for colleges that your grad’s friends are attending and take turns guessing which mascot belongs to which school.  Have some fun prizes too. 

First Job or College Essentials Gifts

Have your guests bring something they could not live without in college or needed to start a new job and living on your own.  From a fun deck of cards to a framed picture. these will mean more to the graduate than a random gift. 

Make a Slide Show

Ask the guests to send in a picture of them with the graduate and create a fun video to music.  Then project it on a big screen at your party.

Guess The Baby Grad

Guess Who? Memory Game:

If you are hosting several of the grads classmates this is a fun activity to have going on. Before the party, ask each guest to bring a baby or childhood photo of themselves. Display the photos on a board or table without names attached to them.

Guests then try to match each photo with the corresponding person. This game is not only entertaining but also a great way for guests to reminisce about their shared memories and see how much they’ve grown since childhood.

 Before the party, ask the other graduating guests to send baby pictures of themselves.

Copy their yearbook pics as well. Hang the graduating pics on a wall and scatter the baby pics around the room. Challenge party guests to find the baby photos.  They can use an answer key and the person who guesses the most wins. 

Photo Booth

In this day of digital photography, a photo booth is a must.  You don’t have to have much, just some fun dress up items you can find at the dollar store.  You can have a tripod and camera set up or everyone can just use their own phones and take selfies. 

Graduation Party Games 

Here are 17 fun games to play at your graduation party that work well with groups, teams or individuals.

Outdoor Games to Play at Your Graduation Party

If you don’t want to be conducting games and the party will be outside. 

  1.  Backyard Bowling –Grab your recyclables and up-cycle them into a backyard bowling game.  All you’ll need is a tennis ball and some old soda bottles! Your list of fun outdoor games just got a whole lot better ?
  2. Make a large Twister Game Board on the lawn. 
  3. Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe – Grab a frisbee and aim for a spot, hoping you can get three in a row before your opponent fills in your needed spot! This can just be in a corner of your yard

Graduation party ideas for Sending a kid off to the Military or a Military Academy?

  • If your child is headed to bootcamp trust me they will want many letters from friends and family
  • Have your guests either bring letters or have a letter writing station available at the party.  Provide stationery and labels and a box where they can place their notes of encouragement or just saying hi. 
  • Be sure to have them write their return addresses on the envelope so the cadet can write back. 

Three more fun games to play at your graduation party

Graduation Trivia Game:

Create a trivia game based on the graduate’s school experience, including questions about teachers, classes, memorable events, and school traditions. You can divide the guests into teams and award points for correct answers.

Make it even more personalized by including questions about the graduate’s future plans or aspirations.

Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Prepare a list of items or scenarios related to graduation and school memories, such as finding a group photo from freshman year or capturing a picture with someone wearing a graduation cap. Divide the guests into teams and give each team a list of items to find within a certain time limit. The team that finds the most items on the list wins.


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