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Updated this post about walking tacos a great party food 12/16.  Check out Cooking for a crowd recipes for more ideas. 

I am not sure if football is on as much at your house as it seems to be at ours. My husband and son won their Fantasy Football league this year and that must be why.

Last year they came in very last and I don’t remember all that much Football watching!!

With the playoffs and Superbowl around the corner, I thought I would share this idea of Walking Tacos. These walking tacos are definitely more of an idea than a recipe.

These are perfect for a graduation party too. So whether you are making walking tacos for 50 or 100 you can use this basic process.

Walking Tacos --Great Party Food

How to make tacos in a bag:

Walking tacos would really be good for any casual occasion, even if you are tailgating. To this date, I have still served these to fewer kids than adults. It is such a great casual entertaining option and “heavy appetizer”.

We have made tacos for 10 and walking tacos for 50 it is just a matter of browning more meat and buying more chips. It is truly an easy way to feed a crowd.

Walking Tacos for 50 --Great Party Food

We recently were part of a neighborhood progressive cocktail party. My house was going to be 4th on our hop.
We wanted to serve something a little more substantial than another light appetizer as people would have already been drinking for 3 hrs before arriving.
My friend Melanie told me about how she served Walking tacos for Parent’s weekend at her husband’s boarding school.
Walking Tacos for 100--Great Party Food

Walking Tacos Ingredients —

How to Feed  a Crowd Walking Tacos

We were expecting about 50 people at our house but not sure how many would actually participate in this idea. I browned 3 lbs of ground beef and added 3 Taco seasonings packets to them.
Immediately moved them to the crockpot and put it on low.  (This for a snack, not a meal)
UPDATE: hosted 40 people recently and browned 7 pounds of meat. I only had a few scoops of meat left.


For about 50 walking tacos (you will need to decide how many servings your crowd will eat. If your guests are hearty eaters allow for two servings each)

You can double even triple the recipe and it makes ahead.  Then add it to your crockpot a few hours before the party. 

Walking Tacos--Great Party Food

What Should I Serve With Walking Tacos?

Put out all the toppings you would for a regular taco night.

  •  taco sauce
  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • different types of salsa
  • sour cream
  • cheeses
  • black olives
  • Guacamole
  • Black Beans    I also put a pot of black beans on the stove for those who did not eat red meat or just wanted to add beans to their tacos.
Walking Tacos --Great Party Food
Well, you are probably wondering where I am going with this. When it was time to eat, the folks (ranging in age from 30’s to 60’s) had to open up a single serving size bag of Doritos or Fritos, crush them up ever so slightly and then add the fixings.


They are walking tacos because you grab a fork and the bag is your server, however, the bag does get a little warm so definitely encourage a napkin.
I am not sure one other person there had ever had them. Granted some were tipsy but they really enjoyed them and can also use tortilla chips or Frito bags.

What type of meat do I use for a walking taco?

Use any taco meat recipe you choose, even have two crockpots going if you want more variety.
Walking Tacos--Great Party Food

Walking Tacos –Great Party Food

Because the house visit was only 1 hour, people only had one taco so the 3 lbs of meat easily made 35-40 walking tacos. My kids also loved them as I let them have that for dinner before the party. It would be a great kids meal at a party as well.

 (UPDATE at my recent party there were far more hungry people and 7 lbs fed about 40 bags worth of the 2oz Fritos.)

Love entertaining and want to make it fun and easy for everyone. Don’t miss out on more tips from Close to Home where we share recipes, crafts, entertaining tips, and family-friendly product reviews.  

Entertaining should be fun and casual for both the hostess and the guests. Surprise them with Walking Tacos. Serve this up with a Texas Sheet Cake that serves a crowd and made up to the day ahead. 

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