Tips To Make the Perfect Holiday Party Photo Booth

This post about tips on how to set up a Photo Booth holiday party photo booth is sponsored by Hallmark. All opinions are 100% our own.

Who does not love the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Can you believe they are celebrating their 50th Anniversary of that movie? Hallmark has decided to share along in this celebration and create some amazing products to get you celebrating this sweet Reindeer’s anniversary.

Well thanks to my friends at Hallmark I am sharing tips for a holiday party  photo booth , featuring no other than the friends of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. By the way this was first tested out at an adult holiday party, photo booths are great for all ages. 

rudolph the red nose reindeer


Tips for Setting Up a Photo Booth

Pick the Right Wall

Depending on what time you plan on having your holiday Find a room that has good lighting  and focus on using a wall in there for your back drop

Use a DIY Photo Booth Backdrop

Use a blanket, shower curtain or wrapping paper to create a back drop for your pictures. The Christmas tree is also a great focal point if you are using this at a holiday party.

 Make or Purchase Photo Booth Props

   Pick up Rudolph & Friends Pics ‘n’ Props Kit from Hallmark. Capture holiday memories with memorable photos using these 15 holiday props, including Rudolph with a glittery red nose.  If you are doing a Disney Theme we have DIY Photo Booth Props templates for A Disney Photo Booth. 

Make a Photo Booth Frame 

Some people just buy a large frame from a second hand store and spray paint it a fun color.  Or you could find a fun frame at Hobby Lobby but that will be more expensive.  You really don’t need props since your guests will use this as their prop. 

Set up a Camera

Set up a tripod and create the settings on your camera so anyone can step up behind and take the photo


Encourage Guests to Use The Photo Booth

To encourage participation, I asked each guest to take on shot with someone they knew and another shot with someone they just met at the party. I thought it was a great ice breaker.

Share Your Photos with Your Guests

Take a lot of photos and share them to your guests via a photo booth app or photo bucket or snapfish so they can download and print them on their own.


There are other great new Rudolph products from Hallmark as well. While Rudolph is a treat for families every year Hallmark’s hoping to spread the cheer Rudolph brings a bit further this year by partnering with Toys for Tots. People can get involved in a couple of ways (now through Christmas Eve). 


  •  “Buy a Buddy, Give a Buddy.” Each time a customer buys an Interactive Story Buddy® at a Hallmark Gold Crown store, Hallmark will donate an Interactive Story Buddy to Toys for Tots. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Interactive Storybuddy: Hear Rudolph come to life as you read key words aloud from his books, read-along CD and more.



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