5 easy steps guide for helping your kids stay healthy all year round

Being a parent is such a weirdly fulfilling and at the same time terrifying feeling. No matter how well you’re handling everything around you, for the most part, it feels like you are failing. After all, you’re responsible for someone else’s life and there’s not something that’s easy to deal with.

Still, what all parents will tell you is that worrying too much will only make you go coo-coo, so focus on what’s good, on what you can actually change for the better, and enjoy the parenting ride.

Your kids’ health and happiness always come first, naturally. And, as a conscientious parent, you’ll give all that’s in your power to keep things running smoothly in that area. Sometimes, when things get out of hand, you may freak out thinking you messed something up, when in all reality, you didn’t – kids’ immune systems still aren’t fully developed, so a cold here and there isn’t something you should stress over.

To keep your kids healthy all year round, we’re giving you some useful inputs to rely on.

5 easy steps guide for helping your kids stay healthy all year round

Be someone they can look up to

Nobody expects you to be perfect, but your kids definitely expect you to be their support system. Children become grownups mostly by observing how their parents act and by picking up their habits, (bad) language and attitudes along the way. If you’re constantly oozing a negative vibe (we absolutely understand the stress, especially if you are both parenting and working), the kids may subliminally start feeling guilty for your blues which will lead them to developing various psychosomatic conditions and diseases. To ensure that doesn’t happen, be positive around them and encourage positive feelings in yourself by encouraging those same feelings in them. Happiness and positivity come hand in hand, and they often trigger one another. When your kid smiles at you – all the bad vibes will disappear.

5 easy steps guide for helping your kids stay healthy all year round

Be supportive and encouraging

No one likes a friend who is a Debby Downer, let alone a parent who is one! Kids get influenced by us more than we know, and if we don’t give them the support they need at the right time, they may get scarred for life. It does sound melodramatic, but do you really think their low self-esteem, fears and complexes develop because their parents were supportive enough? No, not really.

Tell them how great they are, push them into pursuing their talents, encourage them to explore aspects of their personality. If you’ve had to bring a lot of work home, make it a fun workshop where you are doing your stuff and your kid is doing their homework, or working on a random project. This will be a perfect bonding time, the kid will learn a lot and they will stay happy because they’re close to you.

Get the whole family moving

Your kids will be the happiest when the whole family participates in group activities such as bike rides, walks, swimming, gardening, playing charades or hide-and-seek outside. Everyone will benefit from the time together and exercise.

Encouraging physical activities is one of the most important steps for their mental and physical health and good sleep. When they’re given too much space to sloth around, they’ll end up losing sleep, feeling tired and indolent which will only cause problems in the long run. It’s a good idea to set up a humidifier in their room so their space is clean and aired out when they’re back from their outdoor activities.

5 easy steps guide for helping your kids stay healthy all year round

Teach them healthy nutrition

Next time when you go grocery shopping, bring your kids with you and teach them to read food labels. Make sure you explain why the family is eating organic, what’s so special about that food and how it’s beneficial for everyone. Encourage them to ask question when you’re shopping (or later at home when you are cooking) – interaction is the best way to give them knowledge they’ll be grateful for one day. Plus, by eating healthy, they’ll remain healthy. It’s a win-win!

What are your tips for helping your kids stay healthy all year round?


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