5 Tips for Choosing the Best Air Mattress

When it comes to having guests over to stay, whether it’s yours of your kid’s friends, the chances are that you will want them to have the best nights sleep possible.Some people may decide that a pull out-sofa bed is the right choice for them. But what if you are short on space, or only have guests come to stay occasionally and you need something you can set up and then pack and forget about. If this is true for you, then you may want to consider investing in a quality air mattress. While you may think that they are a cheaper alternative, if you take a look through some of the air mattress reviews on the internet, you will quickly see that this isn’t the case.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Air Mattress

In fact, some of the best air mattresses can leave your guests feeling like they are in their very own bed for the night.

To help make sure that you pick the best air mattress, we have put together our top 5 tips for making sure that you have chosen the very best inflatable bed for your money.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Air Mattress 

Tip 1: Get to know the materials used for making the airbeds

Most models of airbeds are made of PVC (also known as vinyl).

What to look for when you read the label?

If durability is your primary concern, you might want to look deeper and pay attention to the thickness of the PVC. The Vinyl used for most airbeds is about 0.4 mm thick, but there are exceptions to the rule – airbeds that used thicker vinyl to increase durability (good examples of that are Fox airbeds).

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Air Mattress

So, if you need a bed that’s going to be used regularly, you’ll want to look for a heavy-duty air mattress made of thick vinyl and built to last.

Tip 2: Think about size

Much like traditional mattresses, air mattresses come in a variety of sizes. However, they can sometimes feel a little smaller than a normal mattress. If you have the space to spare, then we highly recommend sizing up when you buy a mattress.

Today, an air mattress is not just a temporary solution for guests or moving. Many people pick an air mattress to be their everyday bed, mainly because you can choose the firmness levels and that works miracles for people with back problems.

This fact alone created a market for the industry to expand from a “one trick pony” to what it is today. You can choose between blow-up beds that cost a few cups of coffee and luxury brands.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Air Mattress

The same goes for size – airbeds used to come in twin and queen but with the market demand increasing new products appeared and nowadays you can get a king size air mattress or even a California king.

Tip 3: Read reviews of the airbeds before making a decision

One of the best ways to make sure that you are buying a quality air mattress is to make sure that you read through the reviews that other users and see what other people had to say. That way you can be sure that they have been as good as they are advertised.

When you do, make sure you are not tricked:

  1. By getting your reviews on retailer websites that have a system in place to confirm if a review is “verified”.
  2. By going with a product that has a history and a big enough sample. New arrivals to the market might be exciting, but wait until a product has at least a 100 reviews before making a judgment on the quality.
  3. By looking for reviews of people a  of similar profile as you. If you are a traveller and need an airbed for camping or hiking, look for like-minded owners and read how the airbed performs on trips.

Tip 4: Know your guests

The air mattress that you pick will depend on who is sleeping on it.

Younger people and kids may be easier to satisfy, and happy to sleep much lower down on the ground. In comparison, if your guests are older and more used to home comforts, then the chances are that you will need to select an air mattress that is higher up once inflated.

Simply put – a high-rise is the better choice if you need a bed for guests and a low-rise is the better choice if you need an inflatable that you’ll travel with.

If you are looking fort an airbed for toddlers, you might want to look for one with side rails which will keep the little one safe from rolling over.

Tip 5: The inner construction

Now, here’s one that you won’t be able to read in the reviews because an average Joe might tell you about potential air leaks or comfort but that doesn’t explain why issues appear and how to avoid them by choosing the best airbed within your price range.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Air Mattress : It’s all about inner construction

The inner construction makes all the difference, and a heavy duty airbed with thick PVC can be a dud if the inner construction is outdated.

Let’s get right to it – it is our advice to choose an air mattress with “coils” (image below) instead of beams.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Air Mattress

The reason why this makes such a massive difference is the way the two designs (coils vs. beams) distribute weight. In airbeds with inner coil design, the coils act pretty much as springs in a regular airbed and distribute weight evenly.

This doesn’t only make for a better and more comfortable sleep, but it puts less pressure on the seams makes the beds more durable.


So, there we go, you are now better prepared to choose a well-made airbed than 99% of people out there.

Think of us whether you use the information to be the smartest person in the room if the topic of airbeds comes up of if you what you’ve just read to pick a good product for yourself.


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