6 Things You Can’t Live Without Your Freshman Year

6 Things You Can’t Live Without Your Freshman Year

This is a sponsored post, 6 Things You Can’t Live Without Your Freshman Year,  written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It feels like decades ago that I went off for my freshman year in college. (Ok I just got notice for my 25th College Reunion in the Mail). Do you remember packing up the car with all the “essentials” you could think of. I remember my parents had to borrow someones minivan to drive me 9 hours to college. That did not end the list of things you brought with you to Freshman year, you then made a stop to multiple stores in the college town to round out your supplies. Hard to believe I am not far off from packing up my first child for her Freshman year. She is a sophomore and before we know it the house will get a little quieter.6 Things You Can't Live Without Your Freshman Year

Looking forward 2 1/2 year, I thought I would try to reminisce about the things you absolutely can’t live without your freshman year of college. Sure there are things that you want to have and with the ease of Amazon Prime these days, you can get whatever you want and not have to wait for parent’s weekend or a package mailed from home. These kids have it easy, then again what we didn’t have we just learned to live without. 

6 Things You Can’t Live Without Your Freshman Year

  1. The Highest Thread Count Sheets you can afford. (Yes the mattresses are awful but at least you won’t be in stiff sheets)
  2. UnderBed Storage Pieces: Let’s face it, a dorm room has little storage so put those out of season clothes or extra sheets etc under the bed. 
  3. A good bathrobe: Unless you are lucky enough to have a shower in your room, you will be spending a lot of time walking to and from your room in a robe. 
  4. Printer and plenty of ink cartridges: You don’t want to rely on the public printers. I prefer to edit work on paper instead of the screen, so there is a lot of printing going on.
  5. A fan or sound machine. Something to drown out the noise of your roommate and/or hall mates. Earphones are great the cords can be cumbersome and get in the way while you are asleep. 
  6. Laundry Basket:  Please don’t put your clothes all over the floor like you do at home, plus you need to carry your dirty clothes farther than just across the hall of our house. 

Depending on where you attend college, living off campus might be an option the next year. Good or bad you will then be able to deck out your space to your own style. Rent furniture from CORT and you don’t have to worry about where you will store your goods over the summer. They have a lot of great ideas on how to dress up your home plus their thoughts on  6 Things You Can’t Live Without Your Freshman Year

Whether it has been 30 years or 2 years since your were a Freshman in college, what item (s) would you add to our list of things you can’t live without?

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