9 Trendy Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Get ready to level up your dorm room game with these eight trendy decor ideas that are guaranteed to turn your space from drab to fab! Whether you’re a design-savvy student or just looking to add some personality to your temporary home away from home, we’ve curated the ultimate list of must-try trends.

From vibrant neon lights to cozy velvet accents, these ideas will have you counting down the days until move-in day! Let’s dive in and make your dorm the envy of the entire floor Girl sitting on dorm bed

9 Trendy Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Macramé Wall Hangings:

Macramé wall hangings have made a comeback in recent years and are a trendy addition to any dorm room. Hang a large macramé piece above your bed or desk to add texture and visual interest to your space.

LED Neon Signs:

LED neon signs are popular for adding a modern and personalized touch to dorm rooms. Choose a neon sign that reflects your interests or personality, such as your favorite quote, symbol, or even your name, to create a focal point in your room.

How to build a Gallery Wall on a cement wall in a dorm:

Create a gallery wall using a mix of framed prints, photographs, and artwork to showcase your style and interests. Mix and match different sizes and shapes of frames for an eclectic look, or keep it cohesive with frames in the same color or style.

  1. Prepare the Wall: Clean the cement wall thoroughly to ensure the adhesive will stick properly. Use a mild cleaner and let the wall dry completely before proceeding.
  2. Choose Your Layout: Decide on the layout of your gallery wall by arranging your frames or artwork on the floor first. Play around with different configurations until you find a layout that you like.
  3. Use Command Strips or Hooks: Since nails may not be suitable for cement walls, use adhesive hooks or Command strips designed for use on rough surfaces like cement. Follow the instructions carefully for applying and removing them.
  4. Hang Your Artwork: Attach the Command strips or hooks to the back of your frames or artwork according to the package instructions. Then, carefully position and press the frames onto the wall. Ensure they are level and evenly spaced for a polished look.
  5. Consider Alternative Hanging Methods: If Command strips or hooks don’t work for your frames, consider using removable adhesive putty or Velcro strips. These can be used to secure lightweight items to the wall without causing damage.
  6. Personalize with Décor: Once your artwork is up, add personal touches like string lights, small plants, or decorative accents to complement your gallery wall and make your dorm feel like home.

By following these steps and using the right materials, you can easily create a stylish and personalized gallery wall on a cement wall in your dorm room.

Velvet Accent Pieces:

Velvet has become a popular fabric choice for accent pieces in dorm room decor. Incorporate velvet throw pillows, ottomans, or curtains into your space to add a touch of luxury and sophistication. Choose velvet in bold colors like emerald green or navy blue for a trendy look.

dorm ideas using velvet accents

This set of adorable velvet throw pillows are only $10 and come in a bunch of colors. 

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper to decorate your college dorm:

Give your dorm room walls a makeover with peel-and-stick wallpaper. Choose from a variety of patterns, such as geometric designs, botanical prints, or abstract motifs, to add personality and style to your space without the commitment of traditional wallpaper.

wall paper to make art work

You can also make fun and inexpensive art using peel and stick wallpaper in a variety of designs they have available now. 

Can I have Hanging Plants in college:

Incorporate greenery into your dorm room decor with hanging plants. Macramé plant hangers or wall-mounted planters are stylish ways to display succulents, ivy, or pothos, adding a touch of nature and freshness to your room.

How to use Accent Rugs in a dorm room:

Define your space and add warmth underfoot with an accent rug. Opt for a trendy patterned rug, such as bohemian-inspired prints or Moroccan motifs, to anchor your room and inject color and texture into your dorm decor.

views of a cork tile on wall

Cork Board Wall for a dorm room:

Create a functional and stylish cork board wall to display photos, notes, and mementos. Cover one wall with cork tiles or a large cork board panel and customize it with push pins, washi tape, and decorative clips to showcase your memories and inspiration.

Here is a set of 4 cork tiles that are reasonably priced. 

Dorm room Decor using Fairy lights:

Fairy lights add a cozy and whimsical ambiance to any dorm room, creating a warm and inviting space for studying or relaxation. Their soft glow can transform a plain dorm into a magical retreat, perfect for late-night study sessions or intimate gatherings with friends.

Look for battery operated ones just incase there are no outlets where you are looking to hang them 

You can even find fairy light picture holders for a great wall display.  Love these Photo String Light, Warm White 40Ft Fairy Light with 52 Clear Clips & 12 Hooks on Wall, 

Photo String Light, Warm White 40Ft Fairy Light with 52 Clear Clips & 12 Hooks on Wall,

What fun ideas do you have for you dorm room that can inspire others? 

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